The New York Times and Holodomor

I don’t get his snipe at Greenwald & Snowden. But it’s still riveting.

(Thanks for the link, Walt!)

6 thoughts on “The New York Times and Holodomor

  1. Ed K


    Walter is recipient of many of your postings. He may even be
    regular reader of your web site. Did you email you directly?

  2. Ed K

    His snipe at Snowden is that Snowden was tool of FSB. And is still
    a tool of FSB. Understand that Snowden was either willingly or
    sucked in as an accomplice of Russian FSB. That is why he is in
    Russia. The Russians do not want how they got him leaked.

    Or who got to him in USA…

    Understand Putin.

    Listen to Elmer…


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