The Parliament is proposed to declare that Ukraine is to resume nuclear status

Bravo! This should be the logical move, since 1. the Budapest Memorandum has proved worthless, 2. the Russians only seem to understand brute force, and 3. never in history has the west saved Ukraine from Russia, despite promises to do so. (Not that they should.)

I think this move would make the west reconsider its passivity. Either they help, or let Ukraine defend itself. I think that’s for western countries to decide, but the Ukrainian point of view goes like this: we’ve been abandoned to the wolves twice in the past century (after each of the world wars) we need to either get these pussies in the west to start helping us, or we need to get ourselves some weapons to counter the superior military might of Russia.

2 thoughts on “The Parliament is proposed to declare that Ukraine is to resume nuclear status

  1. walt

    here is a link to Zbigs satement that Ukraine shoulde be armed by the west to fight in an urban warfare situation. He doesn’t say explicitly that civilians should be armed, but it might be he would include the military and civilians to be armed, although, I can’t be sure.

    He also said that NATO can not act on article 5, (attack on one nation is an attack on all),
    without a UNANIMOUS VOTE of each memeber of NATO. German and posssibly the French whores would veto. So, impotency abounds.

    Now, Roman, I asked you awhile back, “someday will you answer the question, do you think NATO is an aggressor?” It seems alot of libertarians think so.

    I not only think NATO is not the aggressor it is as impotent as the elected so-called leaders of western Europe, USA, and sadly the Checks, Slovaks, Hungerians.

    Poland, Baltics, Ukraine defiantely see the light of hell, Sweden and Findland not too far behind.


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