True Believer from Zaporizhia Region Discovers “Banderivtsi” are not the problem

She is in hysterics after watching Russian soldiers rape and shoot children.

This is evidenced by a telephone conversation intercepted by the SSU between a militant of the so-called DNR (whose unit is now stationed in Kherson region) and his relative who lives in Tarasivka villiage, Zaporizhia region.
Influenced by Russian propaganda, the woman had a different image of ‘liberators’, but the reality is shocking.
‘Seryozha, come here and see what’s happening here! I’m not telling you some bullsh*t! I always believed you! I believed, as you explained to me about the Banderites – I hated them. Now, who should I hate?’ the woman asks her nephew.
She does not know how to protect her 14- and 10-year-old granddaughters from the ‘liberators’. ‘We give them sausages, and they break into houses, rape children and shoot in the legs,’ the woman cries. ‘What should I do? They walk around the village, ask where the young girls are and offer diesel for them…’
The relative advises: ‘If there is an opportunity – go somewhere. To the rear, somewhere to the city.’