Trump is breaking my heart. I hope he is merely uninformed.

I’m still trying to read this as healthy skepticism from a man who has not yet seen evidence.

Donald Trump defends Vladimir Putin over Alexander Litvinenko murder

Mr Trump waded into the case saying he had seen “no evidence” of Mr Putin’s involvement, adding: “They say a lot of things about me that are untrue too.”

The front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination has previously said he felt a “great honour” when Mr Putin praised him as an “absolute leader”.

4 thoughts on “Trump is breaking my heart. I hope he is merely uninformed.

    1. Roman

      Walt — I’m aware of my possible bias, because I think we need Trump to slay the beast of Cultural Marxism that has it’s tentacles all of the United States, BUT the headlines about Trump and Putin are much worse that the reality of his comments. In the video, you linked, for example, he says he will not disavow a compliment just b/c it came from Putin, then he gives a hypothetical — “wouldn’t it be nice.”

      I think it’s a stretch to call him pro-Putin.

      1. beauregard

        Here is some second hand chatter about Trump:

        Giving the Donald his due page 2
        DemocracyRules > RMThoughts
        Trump is the way he is because he knows how to market.
        He’s a little bit P.T.Barnum, a little bit Andrew Breitbart,
        and a little bit Sun Tzu. Right now, he’s clearing the field
        and setting the stage by controlling the narrative and the
        battle space to his advantage. Loud/crazy sells and creates
        recognition, which translates into votes. Anyone who
        exposes the Emperor’s naked butt is cheered as a hero and
        goes home with the prom queen, or the election in this case.
        His experience getting exactly what he wants from
        politicians of all stripes will stand him and us in good stead
        going forward.
        With the rise of Trump, this election has taken on a meta
        dimension that it otherwise wouldn’t have had. Partisan
        stakeholders always attempt to cast every Presidential
        election as a crossroads, perhaps the starkest in history, but
        in truth we only really have a choice between Elitist
        Globalist Neoliberal A and Elitist Globalist Neoliberal B.
        Trump represents something truly unique in recent
        elections. He offers a real choice between the elitist postnational
        consensus embraced by the Establishment of both
        parties, and a patriotic economic nationalism that truly
        challenges this elite consensus.
        So yes, Trump is a conservative in the sense that really
        matters. He wants to conserve and restore the nation state
        of America and not stand by as it turns into just another
        post-national administrative unit ruled by a globalist power
        Great points. A marketing expert would recognize Trumps’
        strategy from the first minute: Market Positioning. With
        Positioning, the product should be aimed at an empty
        market niche, where demand is high, and supply is low


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