Two fantastic lectures about Post Modernism and Western Civilization

Stephen Hicks on the Psychology behind Post-Modernism:

Jordan Peterson’s at Harvard. A call to duty for the sake of civilization. (This one is a bit long, but it’s one of the best lectures I’ve heard in a long time.)

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  1. Walt

    Yes, but why did radical violent left wing beliefs take so long to become a prominent force in America? I say, the left wing proganda behaves like a parasite in the environment. When the host, the body or America is weak and not sanitary, the parasite, that always was there, takes over the host. Rather than put all the blame on the parasite, western civilization has it’s flaws, that from time to time lead it to i’t own destruction.
    “The purpose of work is to have Leisure”. Lecture about a book written in 1947.
    (“People were never bored in less technical places and times, now with abundance of entertainment, people get bored and depressed”)


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