Polish Volunteer Killed Fighting for Ukraine, along with his Ukrainian friend from Maidan

Poles are dying for a free Ukraine

2014/08/25 • News, War in Donbas

Khmelnitsky and Płoskirów said goodbye to two of its heroes: One Ukrainian and one Pole, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic. Both fought in the battalion Dnipro 1 against Russian invaders. They were buried next to each other.
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Ukrainian soldier holding portraits of the fallen heroes

The bus driving the soldiers was ambushed by Russian terrorists on August 12th. Twelve Ukrainian soldiers were killed. The funeral took place just recently because the terrorists had demanded money for the corpses. In the end, they agreed to exchange the bodies for a few living Russian terrorists.

43-year-old Volodymyr Wełyczko and 49-year-old Leonid Smolinski went through the Kyiv Maidan revolution together. They were friends. When Russia invaded Ukraine, they joined battalion Dnipro 1 as volunteers together.