Two Shocking Headlines

Entire Ukraine government resigns

This is nothing but an internal shuffling of personnel within the ruling party, perhaps timed to deflect blame for the story linked below.


Ukraine signs $1bn gas deal with mystery [con-artist] Spanish executive

The headline suggests stupidity, but I suspect evil. In other words, I suspect the Ukrainian politicians and bureaucrats who were supposedly conned were actually in on the fraud, personally benefiting from it.

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  1. elmer

    I think you’re right, Roman.

    Even if there was some “Russkie sabotage,” the Zookrainian swindlers were looking for smoe bucks – and the swindlers got swindled.

    I keep thinking of the contract signed by “Sergey Nikogda” (Serge Noone) that made its way into US Federal Court.

    These idiot zombie sovok mafia jerks in Zookraine have the reverse Midas touch – everything they touch turns to shit.


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