Ukraine in WWII — between Hitler and Stalin

While Germany has repented and faced the harsh reality of Nazisim, Russians remain unwilling or unable to face their past. Stalin is elevated to sainthood among the psychopaths of Russia.

True story of Ukraine’s sacrifices in WWII and continued valiant struggle for freedom, in spite of both Hitler and Stalin:

Ukraine suffered the greatest losses of any European country. During the six years of war, Ukraine lost more people than the total military losses of the United States, Canada, the British Commonwealth, France, Germany Japan and Italy all put together. Eight million inhabitants of Ukraine were killed, over half in combat. Millions more were lost through deportation, exile and displacement. Thus, as a result of World War II, Ukraine’s population decreased by more than 10 million, a full quarter of its people lost.

Although the armed struggle ended in the 1950’s and renewed Soviet oppression was to last another forty years, the desire for freedom was not lost. In the 1960’s and 70’s dissidents openly defied the oppressive regime. During the 1980’s they took up the struggle for human rights appealed for democratic freedoms and called for independence.

On August 24, 1991, Ukraine declared its independence.

“Ukraine’s independence is a very important geopolitical fact of life. It means that Russia can no longer be an imperial state. That transforms the nature of international politics in Europe, and even in Eurasia… So the blood was not shed in vain. Beyond that, the life of a nation and its commitment to freedom is nurtured by the concept of sacrifice. And that becomes if you will, a mythology that sustains life.” (Zbigniew Brzezinski)

Such is the untold story of Ukrainians in World War II who persevered, fought for freedom and, in spite of Hitler and Stalin, laid the foundation for independent Ukraine.