Ukraine in WWII — between Hitler and Stalin

While Germany has repented and faced the harsh reality of Nazisim, Russians remain unwilling or unable to face their past. Stalin is elevated to sainthood among the psychopaths of Russia.

True story of Ukraine’s sacrifices in WWII and continued valiant struggle for freedom, in spite of both Hitler and Stalin:

Ukraine suffered the greatest losses of any European country. During the six years of war, Ukraine lost more people than the total military losses of the United States, Canada, the British Commonwealth, France, Germany Japan and Italy all put together. Eight million inhabitants of Ukraine were killed, over half in combat. Millions more were lost through deportation, exile and displacement. Thus, as a result of World War II, Ukraine’s population decreased by more than 10 million, a full quarter of its people lost.

Although the armed struggle ended in the 1950’s and renewed Soviet oppression was to last another forty years, the desire for freedom was not lost. In the 1960’s and 70’s dissidents openly defied the oppressive regime. During the 1980’s they took up the struggle for human rights appealed for democratic freedoms and called for independence.

On August 24, 1991, Ukraine declared its independence.

“Ukraine’s independence is a very important geopolitical fact of life. It means that Russia can no longer be an imperial state. That transforms the nature of international politics in Europe, and even in Eurasia… So the blood was not shed in vain. Beyond that, the life of a nation and its commitment to freedom is nurtured by the concept of sacrifice. And that becomes if you will, a mythology that sustains life.” (Zbigniew Brzezinski)

Such is the untold story of Ukrainians in World War II who persevered, fought for freedom and, in spite of Hitler and Stalin, laid the foundation for independent Ukraine.

11 thoughts on “Ukraine in WWII — between Hitler and Stalin

  1. walt

    Here’s some libertarian insanity, James Corbett interview, talks about the federal reserve and the west is causing all the worlds problems. First mention of ruSSia is after 9 minute mark and here’s the quote, “..and of course ruSSia is demonised” These usefull idiots never move to wonderful ruSSia, do they. And any place with a non-western problem, they want to move to the bad west.

    1. Roman

      I think James is just caught in the conspiratorial echo chamber. He was nice enough to interview me about Ukraine.

      On the other hand Greg Hunter, who conducts the interview is a total Kremlin shill. I reference him in my essay Putin’s Libertarians ( He interviewed a Russian spy about Ukraine. The guy commented that Ukraine is “Russian territories in the east, and a no-man’s land in the west.”

      It’s like the onion. They weren’t even trying to appear legitimate.

    1. Roman

      “ruSSia uses mainly long range artillary to avoid having russian soldiers interacting with Ukrainians. ”

      That’s completely consistent with what I’ve heard elsewhere — that Russians are shocked when they don’t see any Nazis here.

      Video seems to have been removed.

        1. Beauregard


          Your video is too long. How about writing summary for
          those of us with short attention spans.
          —————- // ———————–

          “Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional,
          illogical, liberal minority and rabidly promoted by an
          unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the
          proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by
          the clean end.”

          1. walt

            sorry, my attention span is short, too, basiclly, ruSSia is behind alot of evil in this world, althought the video delt with mostly recent spreadng of terror + influence, but it’s role has been like that throughout it’s history.

  2. PUTIN

    Zbigniew Brzezinski is a Russia hating Pole with an inferiority complex.
    The man is EVIL.He wants to dismember Russia. Poland is the WHORE
    of the USA. Stupid cunts…………………..
    And Russia is being demonized Walt – after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the ruling
    elite in the so-called Free West needed a new boogeyman to feed the military-
    Industrial complex – THE EVIL MUSLIMS! Now everybody is tired of the MUSLIMS –
    so they have resurrected the Russian Bear.

    Will THE UKRAINE still exist in 2015………………………………..

    1. Roman

      :) and by contrast, the paid shill using caps lock and explitives as a means of arguing has no inferiority complex at all.

    2. Wayne

      Just a observation but swearing and using disgusting language does not make you or your opinions plausible or to even be given a second thought. Normally the use of such words is indicative of a low IQ.

  3. beauregard

    Rule of the Blob
    by Jim DeMint:

    “The Obama administration has put us under rule
    of the Blob — the bureaucracy has become
    indescribable, indestructible, and it seems like
    nothing can stop it from engulfing us all. Politicians
    assure us every expansion of the state will create
    jobs. Yet three years and several trillion dollars
    later, the only jobs being created seem to be in
    Washington, home to four of the nation’s five
    wealthiest counties despite creating almost
    nothing of actual economic value.”

    “Instead of jobs, we got the Blob.”

    “The federal government does create jobs, sort
    of, but not the ones it claims. The only jobs
    Obamanomics creates are for government
    employees to administer the rules, trial lawyers
    to sue perceived violators, compliance lawyers
    to get companies up to code, environmentalists
    to conduct impact studies, union bosses,
    executives of companies favored with grants,
    subsidies and loan guarantees, and Wall Street
    bankers to buy and sell all our debt.”

    “There are three big problems with this. First,
    these jobs don’t add value to the economy. They
    don’t manufacture or build or innovate or create
    their own wealth — they just siphon wealth from

    “Second, the money Washington uses to create
    these special interest windfalls kills many more

    “And third, these special interest jobs cannot
    survive without government handouts, so they
    either become a permanent drag on the economy
    or, like so many of the president’s green-energy
    gambles, they eventually fail, losing both jobs and
    taxpayer money in the process.


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