Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Action Center

Great Resource. Most of the stories are in Ukrainian. The official English version of the site isn’t developed, but you can auto-translate.

Particularly impressive are the success stories in the left-hand sidebar. Here’s a translation of their most recent success story:

“”Our Money” reported that the National University of Internal Affairs on February 15 after the tenedru signed a contract with LLC ” Lyemyetra Ltd “to lease space for training and consultation point in Poltava on February-December 2012. The cost of the transaction amounted to 960 thousand USD.

The lack of documentation did not give us to understand why the Kharkov University Ministry office rent in Poltava more and for the money. So with the People’s Deputy forests Orobets we asked about this Kharkiv Prosecutor Gennady Tyurin, who overthrew our regional appeal derzhfininspektsiyi, head which AA Kozina pleased with our response , that the said contract terminated.

It is evident at the Kharkov University Ministry could not come up with an explanation of this purchase, so it had to cancel. We hope that saved 960 thousand USD. be used to improve the educational process at the university, not the welfare of individual officials. ”

These guys are like the Institute for Justice in the US.