2 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Ivanchuk wins World Rapid Chess Championship!

  1. beauregard

    Maybe he is in contact with aliens?

    Scientists pick up deep space signals which
    could PROVE aliens are trying to contact


    Unusual transmissions may have been sent
    by civilisation living in a star system outside
    the Milky Way

    The discovery — made in the direction of the Auriga constellation —
    has prompted wild speculation that aliens could be trying to get in touch.

    It is significant considering the fact that at least 17 FRBs have now
    been detected in this area and is the only known instance in which
    these signals have been found twice in the same location in space.

    The region where the signals are coming from, dubbed FRB 121102
    by scientists, is located about 3 billion light years away from earth.

    Looking for deliberate radio signals from KIC 8462852

    1. RomanInUkraine Post author

      There’s a headline like this about every six months. I have a suspicion it’s how NASA and other grant monkeys try to appear relevant and get funding.


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