2 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense releases new photos of Russian military equipment destroyed in Donbas

  1. PUTIN

    DEBALTSEVO 10 february 2015 ——–

    Lots of long-distance calls from Debaltsevo in English, German, Polish, French to talk to MAMMA one last time…

    In the last 22 days Ukrainian Army has lost to NAF 4 aircraft, 169 tanks, 123 IFV/APC/
    MTLB, 124 fieldartillery, 96 cars and 2149 KIA.

    Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble
    Fire burn and cauldron bubble………


    1. Roman

      I think Russia Today was reporting not 169 tanks destroyed, but 169,000. They were all American tanks too.

      You guys are becoming another North Korea.


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