#Ukrainian and #Polish nationalists have commemorate the victims of Volyn tragedy of 1943

#Ukrainian and #Polish nationalists have commemorate the victims of Volyn tragedy of 1943

On July 11, representatives of the National Corps Ukrainian nationalist party, the Sturm magazine and the Roman Ribarsky Institute laid flowers to the memorial of the Wolyn tragedy victims of 1943. In this way representatives of Ukrainian and Polish nationalist environment have shown their readiness to draw constructive conclusions from that tragic for both our nations historical period. Readiness to choose the path of dialogue and mutual understanding instead of senseless hatred and conflicts.

This is our next step in the future and while others are shouting about their own historical truth, refusing to have a two-way dialogue about the undoubtly heavy pages of our common history, we choose the way of action. Words and thoughts are nothing, a man can truly manifests ownself in actions only.

While, acting in the interests of a third party, tamed propagandists continue to twist the spiral of hatred, we are slowly but surely moving towards the future. Those people, whose mind works in a constructive and creative direction, have long been to our ranks. While those, who has been building own political capital on historical speculations around the theme of Volyn tragedy, are just slowly digging own grave by their lies.

It is unlikely that we will be able to determine who was right then. Clearly, that the UPA warriors will remain heroes for Ukrainians, while Poles will treat them rather negaitve. Same situation with the Armia Krajowa. After all, historical mistakes teaches us not to repeat mistakes of our predecessors. It’s impossible to change the past, but nobody can take our right to choose our future.

“The history is given to us to learn from mistakes of our ancestors, whatever it is glorious or tragic. After all, it is we, new generation of Ukrainian and Poles, who choose the history our descendants will read.” Vladislav Kovalchuk, a representative of the National Corps party in Poland, said.