Ukrainian Orthodox priest of Moscow Patriarchate addresses Orthodox ‘brothers’ in Russia

Hello. My name is Ihor Hryhola. I am a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate. I would like to address those citizens of the so-called “Russian World” who are eager to save Ukraine from Banderites and other “bad guys.”

Friends, Orthodox Christians, brothers and sisters! All of you who made the decision to “save” Ukraine, please, go to hell! What you are doing is horrible, it is dreadful. The degree of your downfall is terrifying. Do you understand? What the government of the Russian Federation is doing, and what, obviously, is being approved by the Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church – that’s a military aggression and the imperial ambitions, which, unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of the Russian people supports.

Friends, what happened to you? Where was the Church all these years? What kind of people your Church raised? I am stunned, my friends. I am stunned. The thing is, no one in Ukraine needs your “salvation.” As many others said it thousands of times: we can sort things out without you. There are less “Fascists” in all Ukraine than in Moscow alone.

When you are watching your TV news, please understand that it must be received critically, dissociating the visual images from the newsmen’s comments. Please do that when you watch Russian news programs, or any news programs for that matter. Because what you see is something that you can, and should, check out and verify. But what they say… it is very different. They make you to believe them uncritically. They tell lies. Russian TV news is a frightful thing. Friends, don’t even turn them on. Well, I know, you will not listen to me. And it is up to you.

Still, I want to repeat, again and again: please, do not try to “save” Ukraine from whatever. Better try to save your own country. Just look at yourself.