Ukrainian short-range ballistic missile Tochka-U hit Russian base near Donetsk airport. (?)

I’m not sure this report is accurate. I haven’t heard any discussion of it.


    1. Roman

      I think a lot of young men expect a lot of their government and hold the military to be sacred. I don’t, really. So I haven’t been disappointed. Yes, there’s something sacred about a band of men risking it together, but this warrior culture is now in the service of a very corrupt, vile group of people.

      1. walt

        I was not in the miltary, but some of the top brass and LBJ let down our troops.

        The Desert Storm war in Kuwait was. I thought, done well.

        John Scindler in his twitter feed and his 20 committe blog talks about how the military acadamies are not doing their jobs.

        Besides politics going up and down, seems the quality of the military does too.

        Your “vile group of people” includes both military and politicians?

        1. Roman

          I think it’s mostly the politicians. Large parts of the military are welfare system. Acquisitions is a swamp is corruption. There’s a lot of careerism too. Nevertheless, I think it’s all tempered by the fact that people have to go risk their lives.

          The military doesn’t seem to attract the same slimy narcissists as politics. At least the military narcissists are heroic. The ones in politics are chicken hawks.


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