7 thoughts on “US Embassy in Kyiv: Why Should Ukrainians Care About Intellectual Property Rights?

  1. Ed K

    Property versus Intellectual Property

    There is much debate over whether intellectual work
    product is property in traditional sense.

    If a man plows a field and plants wheat, is the wheat property?

    Property has meaning and humans desire to prosess it
    gives it what we call value.

    Here is interesting part of article on property:
    ————————– // ——————-

    “Private Property Rights”

    “A third fatal defect of socialism is its blatant disregard for the role of private
    property rights in creating incentives that foster economic growth and
    development. The failure of socialism around the world is a “tragedy of
    commons” on a global scale.”

    “The “tragedy of the commons” refers to the British experience of the
    sixteenth century when certain grazing lands were communally owned by
    villages and were made available for public use. The land was quickly
    overgrazed and eventually became worthless as villagers exploited the
    communally owned resource.”

    “When assets are publicly owned, there are no incentives in place to
    encourage wise stewardship. While private property creates incentives for
    conservation and the responsible use of property, public property encourages
    irresponsibility and waste. If everyone owns an asset, people act as if no
    one owns it. And when no one owns it, no one really takes care of it. Public
    ownership encourages neglect and mismanagement.”

    “Since socialism, by definition, is a system marked by the “common
    ownership of the means of production,” the failure of socialism is a
    “tragedy of the commons” on a national scale. Much of the economic
    stagnation of socialism can be traced to the failure to establish and
    promote private property rights.”

    “As Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto remarked, you can travel
    in rural communities around the world and you will hear dogs barking,
    because even dogs understand property rights. It is only statist
    governments that have failed to understand property rights. Socialist
    countries are just now starting to recognize the importance of private
    property as they privatize assets and property in Eastern Europe.”
    by MARK J. PERRY
    ———————- // ———————-
    After reading this, should Ukrainians be interested in property rights?

    1. Roman

      Property rights yes. But ideas are not property because they aren’t scarce. Everybody can have them at the same time.

      Stephen Kinsella was the man who slowly converted me. Look up his work if you’re interested.

  2. Ed K

    Yes, ideas are not scarce. And dreams are plentyful.

    However, once an idea is put to work it is no longer an
    idea, and the first guy to really make an idea work
    deserves credit and compensation.

    However, the idea should be real innovation, not just
    documentting nature as in genetic patients.

    Think of Charles Goodyear and vulcanizing. He made his idea work.

    And he deserves fair compensation and protection from thief.


    How “the German SS handled decent through the German ranks in order to get everyone to toe the line and support the Fuehrer… the theory is: don’t make the leader the bad guy, make those that oppose his politics the bad guy! The more of that you do, the less people are likely to take a stand against corruption.” By Eric Hedrich

    1. Roman

      Sounds like a great vision. It’s only missing a huge, all-power, all-seeing government (of angels, no less) who will identify and enforce fairness.

      1. Ed K

        missing a huge, all-power, all-seeing government
        (of angels, no less) who will identify and enforce

        Actually, do not need ‘all-seeing government’. First thing
        is that it is recognized that there are always thieves
        and jackals. What is need is fair court system that
        keeps the wolves from stealing from the flock. This
        issue has been illustrated in Ukraine several times
        where a person is stolen from by someone with political
        power or thugs at his command. The courts in Ukraine
        have either not decided wrongly or could not fight the
        crooked power.

        Sunlight on thievery might act as deterrent to some degree.
        The internet as means of communications has shown its
        power to expose wrongs. Therefore, maybe to some degree
        sunlight would be somewhat a deterrent.

        The problem of ‘all-powerful’ government ‘enforcing fairness’
        should be at least not enforcing thugery and thievery. The
        problems you have tackled have been too easy. Now accept
        a real challenge.


        “The weapons to fight the war on terrorism are an empowered people who are assured that no man can arbitrarily impose his will upon their lives.” Aitzaz Ashan of Pakistan
        [for the word terrorism above, substitute the word corruption for your challenge]


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