Very smart! Ukraine to pay bonuses for combat effects

‏@StateOfUkraine 2 hours ago

Ukraine increases its soldiers’ salaries & will pay bonuses including for every destroyed Russian tank (~$3000), MLRS (~$4000), jet (~$8000)

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  1. beauregard


    I have circulated this posting around the USA. I now
    several who are into remote control airplanes and helicopters.

    I even know one guy who owns a special airport for remote
    control enthusiasts. Last fall he had national show of remote
    control airplanes.

    I have seen F-4 Phantom jet model fly using miniature jet engine.
    I did not see it take off and initially thought it was a real air force jet.

    Think of model almost one meter long moving at jet speeds.

    —————— // ——————

    1. walt

      I saw an article a few weeks ago about, I believe, Ivano Frankivsk students building them. But I believe the off the shelf stuff in the USA is pretty advanced and may be cheaper then building from scratch. But I am not technically familiar with that technology. Perhaps Roman might have the contacts in Ukraine that might be interested in this topic. It is a technology, even at the amateur level that can be a game changer.

      There sometimes is a tendency, even in the internet age, to not be aware of off the shelf products that are available.

        1. walt


          Here is a excerpt from and article,

          about Uki volunteers.

          “One example: In September, the NPH launched Wings of the National Homefront, a training program for drone pilots. These are merely surveillance drones, some of which are homemade, but they can play a vital role in the reconnaissance of enemy positions. “Every week we have a group of student about six to ten people come directly from the Army and we teach them how to operate drones,” Ostrogalov says. “Then they go back to the front with drones supplied by volunteer organizations. It has saved a lot of lives.” To date, the program has taught more than 100 pilots and supplied at least 15 drones.”

          I have not looked into Roman’s recommendation for donations, yet, but this too looks like a good group to help.

          As to inviting a Drone expert to Ukraine, if you have persoanl contact with him and he is interested and by your implication he sounds capable to help then we need to also find a capable technical person in Ukraine for the two to meet. perhaps we, (those who participate on this web site), might bring that about.

          1. Beauregard

            The guy I know is for real. He is not well off rather struggles
            to keep his small business going. He could not pay for his own ticket.

            However, not only is he technically astute but design savvy.

            Do you know anything about reflective light thru prisms?

            1. walt


              I Googled reflective light… and could use some links to be informed. Perhaps email Roman with info. Roman might be interested too.


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