Were a bunch of Russian inmates used for this propaganda video?

There is something really strange going on here, because things don’t add up. There is something wrong…

Let’s summarize:

The fighting in the videos is staged and for effect in the videos only. They shoot rambo-style at trees, wagons and into empty space.
The location where they film is a safe zone. Lot’s of media is there including high ranked officers.
A real wounded soldier is brought there to get treatment and being taken away.
It is really strange that 24 Ukrainian soldiers would have been in a cellar for almost two weeks in the middle of an area controlled by the Russians before they decide to surrender and THEN get shot at by fellow Ukrainians…
There seem to be some real ‘POWs’ there. Real fear, real reluctance to talk, real I-ended-up-in-a-bad-situation-looks on their faces.
Most of the ‘POWs’ are treated too well. Allowed to carry their bags. Don’t have beaten up faces.
They seem to carry 2 real dead comrades.
The ‘POWs’ from location 1 can not be matched with those from location 2. They seem to be different groups.
They do not look like Ukrainian soldiers.

So WHAT is going on here?

I have a theory that explains ALL…

These are fresh batches of RUSSIAN INMATES who got ‘amnesty’ in exchange for fighting as a soldier and thus send to the front line.
And this event is part of their ‘hazing’…

To understand what I am saying, you HAVE to read this blog. As explained there, the hazing of Russian soldiers is really brutal. What do you think the hazing of Russian inmates will look like?

So a bus-load of them is send to a relatively safe location. They already have been intimidated and a lot and some of them had been treated really bad, hitting him in the face and such. They are being put in a cellar and then hell breaks loose… Shooting all around them. They have to get out of the cellar. get back again. Are interrogated by Graham (which is pure psychological torture in itself). They have to pretend they are Ukrainian POWs and must say bad things about the Ukrainian army and their commanders. They know it is a lie, but heh…
Then they are told to run and ‘get in the bus’… well you get the picture.