What happened in Odesa

Great collection of pictures, start to finish, here: http://napaki.livejournal.com/100072.html

Many of the police donned red arm bands and supported / protected the Russian invaders:


The building which the Russians took over was set on fire during a molotov cocktail throwing contest:

Of the people killed in the fire or jumping from the burning building, none were Odes residents. By one report, 10 were from Trans-Dniester and 15 were from Russia. They had Russian weapons with them. The SBU published photos of their passports.


@OdessaBlogger · 24h

The next 3 days have been declared days of mourning in #Odessa – quite rightly.

@OdessaBlogger · 2m

#Odessa political & SBU sources stating Arbuzov & Klimenko of #Yanukovich regime financed yesterday. Infers local pols as vassals if true.

@OdessaBlogger May 2

As if it couldn’t get any worse, @YuliaTymoshenko has arrived in #Odessa to annoy local people further.


@olgatokariuk May 2

Russian twitter full of calls on Putin to invade #Ukraine. After #Odessa, he has an excuse that Russian citizens were attacked

@StateOfUkraine May 2

Tymchuk: a group of pro-Kremlin forces arrived in #Odessa by bus, were arrested and then mysteriously released by high level police official

@Ukroblogger May 2

Police: 31 [#Russians] dead in burned bldg (27 suffocated, 8 jumped); other figure: 38 #Ukraine #Odessa #Одесса pic.twitter.com/19qGxR7HzF

@pjduvivier May 2

Among the pro-russian dead in #Odessa , no one was living in #Odessa. #Russian resident and #Transinistrian resident…no local #Ukraine

@EuromaidanPR May 2

#Odesa clashes updates: 1 man from #Ukrainian side shot dead by pro-#russians – о1.ua pic.twitter.com/6E9oJA6HtU | EMPR News

@EuromaidanPR May 2

The crowd is yelling to pro-#Russian thugs in #Odesa “get the F**K out of #Ukraine” @euromaidan |EMPR #russianinvasion #Putin #putinhuylo

@TorstenSc May 2

#Odessa happening now: Red arm straps signalling riot police who are siding w #Russia thugs pic.twitter.com/q2uPqonMoA

@MrConnieS May 2

@OdessaBlogger the Ultras are brave fearless desperate times call for desperate measures it’s a fight for the soul of Ukraine

Story here: http://www.unian.net/politics/914050-v-odesse-vo-vremya-pojara-v-dome-profsoyuzov-pogibli-38-chelovek-8-iz-nih-vyipryignuli-iz-okon.html