Who Killed One of the Most Notorious Right Sector Leaders in Ukraine?

Great read. Here’s the concluding paragraph:

So, the Muzychko killing is most likely going to go down as one of those enigmatic deaths where many people have potential motives for murder, and each will construct a narrative about why someone else did it. The Right Sector gets rid of a notorious member whose brutal behavior would reduce Yarosh’s chances in the May elections. Ukrainian police, meanwhile, can show that they control the situation in the country and no one can threaten their legal authority. The Kremlin loses a useful propaganda tool, but it also eliminates a thug with a lot of Russian blood on his hands. And if Bilyi really did commit suicide, it was in the knowledge that fellow thugs would remember him as a martyr.

As the old murder mystery cliché goes, “Ask yourself who benefits?” In this case, just about everyone.