Why doesn’t the EU just eliminate import duties for Ukraine?

From my old Econ Professor, Patrick Barron:

Re: EU seeks “time for reflection” after Vilnius summit failure

I found this statement by EU Commission President Manuel Barroso to be particularly insightful:

“This Agreement would save Ukrainian business some €500 million a year just in import duties,” Barroso underlined after the summit…

By this statement Barroso admits that the EU is a closed shop; i.e., a supposedly free trade zone inside the EU but with high tariffs to imports from outside the EU. If Barroso and the EU really wanted to help the citizens of Ukraine and provide another source of goods for citizens of the EU, then the elimination of trade barriers would be an easy and important first step. But then Barroso and the EU would have no leverage on keeping current EU members. Why belong to a high regulatory, high tax, socialistic transfer union when one can trade freely with its members anyway? This demonstrates that the EU really provides no additonal value whatsoever that a country cannot achieve simply by unilaterally declaring itself to be a free trade state.

13 thoughts on “Why doesn’t the EU just eliminate import duties for Ukraine?

  1. elmer

    what good would free trade under such circumstances do the citizens of Zookraine?

    Zookraine is a sovok mafia state. Its citizens are subject to brutal beatings by Berkut at the behest of yanusvoloch, a criminal sovok mafia thug in power, and his henchmen and adherents.

    If one develops a “beezness” in Zookraine, it is subject to being taken over – stolen – by thugs in power, with the help of the “courts” – they steal it fair and square.

    The citizens don’t want EU goods – they want freedom from the prison that is yanusvoloch’s Zookraine

    The citizens live in poverty – buying EU goods is not entirely feasible.

    The sovok mafiosi, however, have long been buying expensive BMW’s and Porsches and other extremely expensive cars and SUV’s – without necessity of free trade.

    Blaming the EU for the sovok mafia in Zookraine is not a solution for Zookraine, Roman.

    1. Roman

      Draining the swap = guns and local autonomy.
      Fighting alligators = searching for better politicians to rule the centralized bureaucracy

      1. elmer

        searching for better politicians is a useless task

        one must establish a system of government so that there are checks and balances no matter who holds office

        searching for a “benign dictator” or a “good king” or a “good queen” then becomes unnecessary

        yanusvoloch and his banda are criminal thug mafiosi

        the only checks and balances against them right now are all the protesters and the people of Ukraine

        but if Ukraine had a proper system of government, none of that would be necessary

  2. elmer

    Young people of Lviv EuroMaidan make a request to the international community


    Brutal beating of non-violent, non-resisting citizens by Berkut


    You, too, can be a prisoner of Bankova


    yanusvoloch the Swindler


    you want to blame that all on Barroso?????

    1. Ed K


      In the southeastern part of USA there are many swamps
      with Alligators. There is local saying that when you are
      up to your ass in alligators you forget that you are
      supposed to drain the swamp.

      Read the following analysis of current situation in Ukraine,
      especially paragraph that says,

      “Better alternatives — independence and freedom, for example —
      have hardly even been mentioned amid the uproar.


      1. elmer

        The article to which you link, Ed K, is in a word – bullshit.

        Independence and freedom are EXACTLY what has been mentioned over the past years, even starting with Yushchenko, who said that Zookraine is independent – but it is not free.

        Roosha is a mass psychosis. It is run by a dictator, Putler, a KGB type. In the “sistema” of Roosha, you are either an accomplice or a victim.

        The choice in Ukraine is between getting rid of a sovok mafia state under yanusvoloch, or, as Lutsenko has mentioned, continuing to be in a prison.

        The students, the protesters, have clearly stood up for their choice – freedom, democracy, getting rid of corruption, and the brutal sovok mafia state.

        Trade is not the only issue here – there is also the issue of a truly democratic system of government.

        yanusvoloch wants to stick his head up Putler’s ass.

        The students and the people who support them want to be free and independent.

        That’s why they have stood up in the freezing cold – after so many years of being robbed, beaten, raped, strangled, murdered, and kept down, they are sick and tired of the Bolshevik Regionnaires and their sovok mafia state.

        Zookraine is a sewer, not a swamp – and the students and the protesters want to clean it up.

        To the sovok mafia, democratic reforms proposed by the EU – not mandated, but proposed for implementation by Zookraine if the people so choose – are “strings” .

        However, for democracy and a free economy to be implemented, they are a necessity.

        You have fallen for sovok mafia propaganda.

        And this has nothing to do with alligators in the southeastern US, who have every right to live in their natural habitat. I’ve never heard of the saying that you mentioned – you made that up, and it makes no sense.

        1. Ed K


          Thank you for extensive reply.

          No, I did not make up saying. It is local way of saying
          that when you are in deep trouble, you can forget the
          reason why you are there.

          It only makes sense if you understand logic and human
          responses to severe problems.

          Judging from crowds, Yanukovich has serious problems.

          However, you as intelligent man needs to consider what is next.

          So I ask you for details, what is next?

          1. elmer

            what ought to be next is:

            1) resignation of yanusvoloch
            2) resignation of the zAraza government

            They lost their legitimacy a long time ago, when yanusvoloch and his Bolsheviks Regionnaires packed the constitutional court of Zookraine and changed the constitution of Zookraine by a “court decision” of chimps-in-robes.

            3) interim government headed by the opposition, including student representatives, that will finally carry out the final steps necessary for EU integration

            that includes the release of Yulia Tymoshenko

            As far as alligators in a swamp – I don’t believe you. One has to be pretty stupid to crawl into a swamp with alligators in the first place.

            yep – yanusvoloch and his banda have very serious problems

            he and his banda need to leave office right away and go rot in hell

            They should take Akhmetov and Firtash and the rest of those jerks with them

            1. Ed K

              Roman needs to see if in last few days he has
              gotten more hits on his web site?

              I have circulated among my contacts both his
              web site and all those that have been mentioned
              by you plus others that I have gotten.

              Unfortunately we have Obama in charge here
              and he is one of them.

              Keep information coming.


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