World Cup 2018: Croatia goal hero Domagoj Vida escapes semi-final ban after ‘Glory to Ukraine’ video following victory over Russia

In the video, posted on YouTube, pony-tailed Besiktas stopper Vida shouts out “Glory to Ukraine”, which is the chant of the Ukrainian army and the nationalist cause that is opposed to Russian territorial claims on the country.

Vukojevic, who earned 55 caps as a defensive midfielder before ending his international career after the 2014 World Cup, then bellowed: “This victory is for Dynamo (Kiev) and for Ukraine.”

The video has caused outrage in Russia, with TV networks showing the pictures and clearly furious.


  1. elmer

    a little more on this “huge” controversy – Vida, the Croatian player who posted a video after the game, was the captain of and played for 5 years with Kyiv Dynamo (well-known soccer team).

    He thanked Ukrainians for their support:

    Also, here is a discussion, in Ukrainian, of the whole moronic mess caused by FIFA. Turns out, they fined Vukoyevich, the assistant trainer, 15 thousand dollars for appearing on the video with Vida !!!!!! and banned him from the rest of the World Cup !!!!!!

    The video was recorded after the game in the dressing room of the Croatian team.

    On this video, there is footage of a “Putler” jersey, with FIFA initials on it – evidence of politics and provocation tolerated by FIFA?????

    Putler jersey is about 20 minutes – and more – into the video:

    FIFA – a corrupt organization full of stupid putzes


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