1. Ed K

    There is a big problem with Ukrainian debt. This may be just a response
    to international monetary debt due issues?

    Demand a public referendum! Call the mayor! Write to the press!
    Use that writing talent?

    Ask Elmer what is going on in Kiev. Call for more protest! Against the new guy!

    Send the electrons flying!!! over the wires!!!

    You are the voice to be heard…

    1. Roman

      There’s a lot of explicit, vocal resentment of Yatseniuk, but the Rada / World Bank appointed him PM. I hate that fact. The sooner elections happen, the better.

  2. elmer

    Roman, every single president including yanusvoloch peddled the signing of the Association Agreement for years.

    All the parties supported the European direction. All of them. Publicly.

    yanusvoloch’s campaign for president was based on European integration.

    The Party of Regions, what’s left of it, have been lining up to distance themselves from yanusvoloch – it’s hilarious. Kernes even claims that he was “forced” to support yanusvoloch. If you want the link I can provide it.

    There is even a hilarious video on Ukrainian Pravda detailing this:


    so now you’re going to try to put the kabosh on this whole thing?

    Ukraine needs as much help as it can get right now to fight against a brutal, psychopathic dictator – Putler

    The US and the EU are more than willing to help – but you want to fuck the whole thing up.

    Jiminny Xmas, Roman.

    You might also look at what Ruslana had to say.




    here is Putler’s billion dollar palace:


    and you might also take a look at what the “non-military military self-defense” from Roosah is up to in Crimea:



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