Yanukovych speaks


Andriy: he says that opposition took power in illegal way, that streets of Kyiv are full of criminals and terrorists. He compares protesters and opposition to Nazis 1930s. “I have no fear” – he says. “I will gather all healthy power in East and South to protect legitimacy in this country and souvereign (? can’t spell correctly) state


  1. elmer

    I think he also claims, in essence, that he was given “guarantees” by foreign intermediaries in the talks leading up to the settlement, that he would remain president, and that he now calls on them to deliver on their “guarantees”

  2. elmer

    The colossal idiot claims he has not left and is not leaving the country, but he appears – on video.

    On Maidan, I saw one of the speakers say that it’s better if he leaves, because they will go hunting for him.

    буде полювання, to quote the speaker.


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