Yatz is not a PM. He’s a Tax Collector Appointed by the World Bank.

There are a slew of new taxes coming to Ukraine, including gas, tobacco, alcohol & parcels from abroad. http://censor.net.ua/news/279031/shokovaya_terapiya_v_ukraine_podorojayut_gaz_alkogol_tabak_diztoplivo

Yatzeniuk is not a Prime Minister or statesman. He’s a tax collector appointed by the World Bank. His assignment is

1- to recognize the debt accumulated by the Yanukovych regime as legitimate.
2- keep Ukraine’s centralized, corrupt, inefficient bureaucracies intact so that Ukraine’s gov’t will need permanent support from world bankers.
3- force Ukrainians into a permanent state of dependence.
4- set up a permanent tax collection system so that generations of Ukrainians pay the interest on the country’s debt without lowering the actual debt.

The correct approach would be to:

1- Declare the debt illegitimate and the World Bank liable for supporting a tyrant.
2- Dismantle Ukraine’s centralized bureaucracies and replace them with either local solutions, private solutions, or nothing.
3- Privatize everything which can be privatized.
4- Resist EU demands for regulation in favor of a business friendly low-regulation, low-tax environment.
5- Improve property rights by allowing gun ownership, municipally controlled police and private courts.