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  1. Ed K

    Putin is evil

    “Yatzeniuk does not know how to lead.
    He only knows how to borrow money
    from his World Bank masters.”

    This is easy to say by someone on sidelines.

    It is always easy to find wrong than do the
    work that needs to be done. Work implies
    effort, sometimes courage and above all

    How do you learn initiative? It is hard to do.

    How do you know what is right and correct to
    do? My observation it is derived by individuals,
    mostly ordinary people who have courage to
    say wrong is wrong. Or have courage and
    fortitude to say something is not working and
    some other way needs to be tried.

    How do you confront the wrongs of an evil
    person? The only answer I know is not accept
    evil or wrong.

    And not to accept doing nothing …

    In USA a few years ago then President Bush was criticized
    for calling some evil. Understand that there is evil in this
    world today as in history.

    Consider these names, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and now Putin …

    Take a few moments and listen to that voice in your ear
    saying Putin is evil…


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