Yet another video of “local militia” shouting “Allahu Ackbar!”

@Ukroblogger Aug 24

… #Ilovaisk, #Ukraine:’Allahu akbar!'(2:33,5:23) #Putin’s ver of #ISIS makes its presence known

3 thoughts on “Yet another video of “local militia” shouting “Allahu Ackbar!”

  1. beauregard

    ISIS Is the True Face of Islam
    Written by Pete Parker

    “Despite the endless drivel emanating from the
    new cast of the Monologues … (think Obama,
    Kerry, Brennan and Holder) that ISIS “speaks
    for no religion”–well informed Americans
    know better.

    “The gruesome beheadings being perpetrated
    by ISIS are not a “perversion” of Islam –but
    rather a virtue.

    “Simply put: ISIS beheads people because
    Mohammed did.

    “Truth be told–ISIS is the mirror image of
    Mohammed and his 7th century minions.
    From the endless pillaging to the savage
    rapes and beheadings–this 21st century
    horde of thugs is steadfastly adhering to
    “the way of the prophet.”


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