1. Ed K

    There is computer expediency but it might also be
    understood to a form of bureaucratic laziness.

    Maybe writing skills are getting lost in the past, like phone lines.

    I guess you have found a way to exclude those of us
    who refuse march in step. Specifically, march to
    ‘Tweets’ and ‘Facebook’.

    While I do not have not have your academic training
    in computer science I have been involved in small
    computers since Zilog Z80 and the early attempts to
    transmit via phone line. When I first went to Ukraine,
    they were proud of their 14 kbs modems.

    Since the beginning there have been nefarious users
    of communications.

    Most of us understood the security agencies reading
    emails. This was not really news but manufactured

    Again most of us understood the email providers
    scanning emails.

    And us old timers have experienced hackers and

    Too move to Tweets and Facebook just invites more
    of the same only likely in more ways.

    So, if you are moving to Tweets, Facebook, and several
    other similar methods of communicating, so long.

    As my Ukrainian friends say, “Great Pity”

    —————————————- // ————————-


    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
    George Santayana

  2. ed k

    It was said, “I am not hiding from authorities.”

    I said you are hiding from us… When you flitter to those alternate
    media. If you are looking for recognition, write… like letters to
    editor of NY Times about your farm raid.

    Bit coins in the press:



    Write an article in Ukrainian analogus to Thomas Sowell’s:



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