Za Karpatia

5 middle aged women are unloading 18 tons of frozen mushrooms. When they speak amongst themselves I cant understand it.

I asked the apparent leader, the lady with the clipboard, whether the second language on the signs we passed was Romanian or Hungarian. She said it could have been either. Maybe even Moldovan, she added proudly.

4 thoughts on “Za Karpatia

  1. Ed K

    So now you are in frozen mushroom business? What
    happened to writing?

    Did you get copy of Dragon Speak while home?

    Have you contacted the makers of Dragon Speak
    about making Ukrainian version?

    “Obama’s apology was like saying, ‘I’m sorry your dog died,’
    without admitting you ran him over.” –Sen. Ron Johnson

    1. Ed K

      Can you touch type over 100 words a minute?

      The current versions of Dragon speak learn from you.
      That is not to say you can mumble incoherently.

      I would say that you might be able to finally get a book
      out if you learned to dictate via dragon speak. Yes, you
      would have to edit and rewrite, but it would allow you
      to get thoughts written quickly.

      Think out loud quickly…

      Consider that you might be able to dictate a whole book and
      have someone edit it so that you really write something.

      I do not use it because I do not do volume or a lot of editing.
      But my wife uses when she has to grade graduate school
      theses and make comments. Or write articles and proposals.

      You are the computer geek, get with the program.

      Where is the productivity?

      Where are some articles about Ukraine?

      Where is the added chapter in your book with Dr. Maltsev
      about the IRS?

      At your age you should be putting out an article a week
      and two full length books a year.

      What you need is a strong minded woman to pinch your ass…



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