A Ukrainian Story About Ivermectin

I was sharing some heavily censored information about Ivermectin with a close friend of mine here in Ukraine. He related this story from about a year ago:

He’d been diagnosed with Covid, and telephone a well known Ukrainian politician with whom he’d met a few days prior to inform him. The politician wasn’t the least bit worried. He provided a phone number to a head doctor and told him to drop his name when they spoke. The doctor treated him immediately with Ivermectin, and told him not to advertise it because it’s not officially approved.

My friend never even had any symptoms.

Covid Tyranny comes to Ukraine

Ukraine had been the least-vaccinated country in Europe at 5.5%. Last I saw, this number was 15%. It’s probably rising still higher — because in a shopping mall in Lviv, there’s a line out the door of people getting vaccinated, despite the 19-year-old Ukrainian boy who recently dropped dead with heart failure seven hour after getting the vaccine.


Because the neo-Bolsheviks are manipulating people in a cruel and heartless way. 100 years ago, they said you don’t get food unless you collectivize. Today, they’re basically saying you can’t work unless you get this experimental and dangerous shot.

Most government jobs seems to require it now. Worse, trains and some buses require proof of vaccination. This is horrible. The most vulnerable Ukrainians absolutely rely on public transportation. Officially, there are tests as an alternative to vaccines, but my brother-in-law was recently kicked off a bus for not being vaccinated (FYI – this seems only only apply to buses which travel between different regions of Ukraine, not local buses.).

I’m sure it isn’t that hard to get fake vaccine passports from Ukraine’s corrupt institutions, but it reminds me of something that Polish dissident (and Nobel Prize winner) Czeslow Milosz wrote about — they make you party to the lie. You have to join the lie.

It’s very sad. One of the nannies we interviewed told us – hesitantly – that she wasn’t vaccinated. I was delighted!!! I think we’ll hire her. There’s some evidence that vaccinated people are just as much carriers of the virus, but because of their gene therapy shot, they shed mutated variants.

The policy has no regard for the fact that natural immunity seems greatly superior to vaccination. Also, Ivermectin seems like a miracle cure for Covid – and it’s been used for 40 years with virtually no side effects, unlike this shot, which according to VAERS has already KILLED 16,000 people in the US alone. Previous vaccines were halted after just 50 deaths.

Earlier post about Ivermectin: http://romaninukraine.com/ivermectin/

Japan Officially recommends Ivermectin: http://romaninukraine.com/japans-medical-association-recommends-ivermectin-to-all-doctors-for-all-covid-patients-australia-criminalizes-it-threatens-doctors/

Dr Syed Haider on Ivermectin:

CNN Hit Job on Ivermectin:

Regulatory Capture:

Harvard Research Confirms What We’ve Been Saying for Months

the CDC data mapping vax rates to COVID-19 case rates shows ZERO impact of the former on the latter:


Now this Harvard research notes:

At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.

How the Amish Handled Covid – no restrictions since May 2020

“Vaccine effectiveness” summed up in 2 minutes 20 seconds


I keep my kids eating healthy, and I’m much stricter about it than my wife.

When my son and I returned from a walk, and included a rare dinner at McDonald’s, my wife asked my son what he had.

He replied: “A cheese burger and not-coca-cola.”

(I ordered juice for him.)

Czech voters oust communists from parliament for first time since 1948

Between this and their recent 2nd-amednment-like right to bear arms, I should consider moving to the Czech Republic.

Czech voters evicted the communists from parliament on Saturday for the first time since the end of World War Two, voting out a party whose forebears ruled the central European nation from 1948 until the Velvet Revolution of 1989 that ushered in democracy.

The communists jailed tens of thousands in forced labor camps in the 1950s and brutally repressed dissidents such as playwright-turned-president Vaclav Havel, but remained in parliament following the revolution.

In this week’s election, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia took 3.62% of the votes with nearly all precincts reporting, less than the 5% needed to enter parliament and potentially marking a final chapter for a party that has gradually shrunk as its ageing membership dwindled.

“It pleases me, it pleases me a lot,” Jiri Gruntorad, 69, a former dissident who signed the dissident Charter 77 statement and was jailed for subversion from 1981 to 1985 by the communist authorities, told Reuters. “But it’s coming too late.”


Twitter Thread from Lithuanian Couple “With no Covid Pass, my wife and I are banished from society. We have no income. Banned from most shopping. Can barely exist.”

With no Covid Pass, my wife and I are banished from society.

We have no income.Banned from most shopping.Can barely exist.

But we will not accept authoritarianism.

Here’s how life looks after one month in Lithuania,under Europe’s first strict,society-wide Covid Pass regime:

More: https://twitter.com/gluboco/status/1446134032027176965

Fortunately, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have gone completely back to normal – no mask mandates, no vaccine mandates. This is why decentralization is so important to freedom. The contrast humiliates all these petty tyrants who presume to be acting on people’s behalfs.

Ukraine and the Pandora Papers

The Ukrainian president may have pledged to reform the country’s corrupt system of politics, but the Pandora Papers tell a different story. . . .

Context: Zelensky had campaigned on cleaning up Ukraine’s oligarch-dominated system. He’d pushed to set himself apart from politicians like incumbent Petro Poroshenko, who hid offshore assets, the Guardian notes.

But the Pandora Papers revealed that Zelensky was involved with a network of offshore companies, which he co-owned with friends and business partners.

Our thought bubble, via Axios’ Dave Lawler: Zelensky is one of several politicians who campaigned on anti-corruption platforms — others include Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan — who will now be facing questions over undisclosed wealth tied to them or their close associates.

By the numbers: Ukraine leads with 38 politicians named in the Pandora Papers. The top five are …

Ukraine: 38

Russia: 19

Honduras: 11

United Arab Emirates: 11

Nigeria: 10



Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office has sought to justify his use of offshore companies as protecting him against pro-Russian forces, following leaked revelations in the Pandora Papers. . . .

According to its findings, two of the offshore companies belonging to Zelenskyy’s partners were used to buy three lavish properties in central London.

The report also found that Zelenskyy, just before he was elected, transferred his stake in one of the offshore companies to his top aide Serhiy Shefir – the target of a shooting attack last month.


Ukraine’s Parliament Passes Bill Banning Anti-Semitism

Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law defining anti-Semitism and banning it in the country.

The Verkhovna Rada on September 22 approved a second reading of the bill by 283 votes with the required minimum of 226, sending it to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy for his signature to become law.

Zelenskiy, who is Jewish, has said he lost relatives in the Holocaust.

An estimated 0.2 percent of Ukraine’s population of 41 million is Jewish.

The legislation defines anti-Semitism as hatred of Jews, calling for or justifying attacks on the minority, making false or hateful statements about Jews, and denying the mass extermination of Jews during the Holocaust.

Damaging buildings, monuments, or religious institutions would also fall under the definition of anti-Semitism.

“The lack of a clear definition of anti-Semitism in Ukrainian legislation does not allow for the proper classification of crimes committed on its basis,” the law’s authors said.


Vice photoshops smiles onto Khmer Rouge genocide victims

After rising to power, the communist Khmer Rouge murdered about 1/3 of the population of Cambodia.


Cambodia condemned images published by US media group VICE featuring newly colorized photographs of the Khmer Rouge “killing fields” victims, saying the images were an insult to the dead because some mugshots had been altered to add smiles.

VICE removed the article and photos later on Sunday, saying they did not meet its editorial standards and it was investigating.

The artist behind the work, Matt Loughrey, declined to comment.


UFC fighter dedicates huge win to victims of Marxist ideologies (May 2021)

UFC fighter Beneil Dariush pulled off an impressive upset at Ultimate Fighting Championship 262 on Saturday night. Dariush, ranked No. 7 in the lightweight category, defeated No. 5 contender Tony Ferguson at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Following Dariush’s hard-fought victory over Ferguson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27), the Iranian-American mixed martial arts fighter had a message for Elon Musk and condemned Marxism.

Following Dariush’s win, which was his seventh in a row, the 32-year-old MMA fighter thanked Jesus Christ and dedicated the tremendous victory to victims of Marxist ideologies.

“First things first, I want to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ, that’s number one,” Dariush told UFC color commentator Joe Rogan in a post-fight interview inside the octagon.

“Number two, I want to dedicate this fight to all the people who’ve been hurt by Marxist ideologies,” Dariush proclaimed. “There are millions of you.”


Zoran Milanovi, the President of Croatia has had Enough

Croatian President Exposes Lies and Spread of C0VID Panic, Says Vaccines Are No Longer Allowed in His Country

In a harsh indictment against the medical institution, Zoran Milanovic declared that the Croats were “sufficiently vaccinated.”

“The mass media are spreading panic and nonsense. I start every day with CNN and these few channels, and I wonder if I’m normal or if they’re crazy. They’re spreading panic. They’ve been doing it from the beginning””

Unlike American politicians, who are too weak, compromised or simply angry to ever say anything like that, Milanovic is not going to stand by while his compatriots continue to be subjected to medical abuse by the Big Pharma machine.

“There is no life without risk, without the possibility of getting sick. People get sick from a thousand other more serious things, and while this is happening, we have been talking about C0VID-19 for a year and a half.”


Meanwhile, Twitter censors people for simply posting news of his declaration:

Slovenia Suspends J&J Shot After Death of 20-Year-Old Student

Slovenia Suspends J&J Shot After Death of 20-Year-Old Student

The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, and they are now reporting 26,041 fatalities, and 2,448,362 injuries, following COVID-19 injections.

Joachim Kuhs, a member of the European Parliament, recently spoke to the EU Commission and stated: “Pull the brake on these vaccines and stop this experimentation on humans, I beg you!”

Meanwhile, Slovenia has suspended the Janssen (J&J) COVID-19 vaccine in their country after the death of a 20-year-old who was mandated to get the shot in order to attend classes.


LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA – The Slovenian government has suspended the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine after the death of a 20-year-old student. Katja Jagodic, who was vaccinated because it’s mandated for universities, received her shot on Thursday, September 16th. She suffered several health problems shortly afterwards. She was hospitalized on Monday, September 27th at the University Clinical Center (UKC) in Ljubljana. Her symptoms were so severe that immediate medical attention was required. She died today in the early morning.

Igor Rigler, head of the emergency neurology department at the University Clinical Center said, “she fell ill with a very serious condition. At the same time, she had blood clots and low platelet counts.

This caused blood clots and bleeding in her brain. We have done everything that modern medicine can do in such conditions. We consulted all the experts involved in this field at UKC: vascular specialists, hematologists, nephrologists, neurologists. We approached the treatment aggressively, but unfortunately we could not help her.”


Volodymyr Salo: 19-year-old Ukrainian student gets Pfizer mRNA injection behind his family’s back, dead seven hours later

A 19-year-old philology student is dead after defying his family’s philosophical and religious objections.

Mr. Volodymyr Salo, also spelled “Vladimir” in some accounts, received his first Pfizer mRNA injection on September 13 at about 2:30 p.m. local time, according to the Ukrainian Humanities Institute. Mr. Salo was a student there. His day continued as normal thereafter. He ate dinner in the student cafeteria at 6:30 p.m., then played board games with other students in the commons area. The situation quickly deteriorated from there.

A high fever and general malaise kicked in around 8 p.m. Mr. Salo collapsed and had a seizure at 8:15 p.m. and went into violent convulsions. University medical staff performed CPR as they waited for the ambulance to arrive. When paramedics arrived at 8:45 p.m., they applied a portable ventilator for an hour in an attempt to save Mr. Salo’s life. But he had no pulse by 9 p.m.

Mr. Salo was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Mr. Salo was raised in a Christian household and was a member of a Seventh-Day Adventists church. That Protestant denomination recognizes Saturday as the Sabbath instead of Sunday. Mr. Salo’s entire family is staunchly against mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. His brother-in-law told Ukrainian online publication Obozrevatel the following:

“He did not tell anyone from his family about the decision to be vaccinated. Perhaps he knew that everyone would be against [it] and would discourage such a decision. And he was so risky by nature, he could make spontaneous decisions. He could be very limited in his desires. They say that those who were not vaccinated will not be able to travel freely, go to cafes, etc. We think that this is what prompted him.”





Fully Vaxxed Former CNN Contributor Marc Lamont Hill Suffers Heart Attack and is Hospitalized with Blood Clots – Blasts NBA Player Critical of Covid Vax

Former CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill had a heart attack and was hospitalized with deep vein thrombosis and blood clots in his lungs.

Marc Lamont Hill is only 42 years old.

On Wednesday, Hill criticized Orlando Magic player Jonathan Isaac for being outspoken about his decision not to take the Covid jab.

“This sounds smart to people who don’t know things,” Hill said blasting Isaac.



Bevan Costello: 65-year-old Australian indigenous elder receives second Pfizer mRNA injection during televised event, dead six days later

CHERBOURG, QUEENSLAND — A 65-year-old Wakka Wakka tribal elder is dead after believing he was doing the right thing for his community.

Mr. Bevan Costello, known as Uncle Bevan Costello in his community, received his second Pfizer mRNA injection on or around September 9 at a local pop-up event, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). He told ABC that many of his fellow Wakka Wakka tribe members were hesitant to receive the injections due to “misunderstanding of the information, mostly on social media.”

ABC reported that Cherbourg, an aboriginal settlement with about 1,200 residents, was only 4.6% fully-vaccinated as of September 9. Uncle Bevan said in the televised interview below that he’s more confident now that he’s fully vaccinated. He also said he was diabetic and that the vaccine should protect him if he gets COVID-19.

. . . .

Details about Uncle Bevan’s death are scant. But the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council Facebook page made two announcements six hours apart about his death on September 14 and 15 Queensland time. The first says it was a “sudden passing.” The second describes it as a “sudden death.” The two posts garnered a total of 339 comments and over 1,500 engagements as of writing, by far the two most popular most on the channel since at least June.



More than 100 young people hospitalized for vaccine-related heart problems in Ontario

A recent report out of Canada showed a high number of people experiencing vaccine-related heart problems, and the majority of those affected were young people.

According to the report, which was released quietly by Public Health Ontario, there were 106 incidents of pericarditis and myocarditis in people in Ontario under the age of 25 as of August 7, which is just over half of the total of all heart inflammation hospitalizations there. Thirty one of these cases were seen in people aged 12 to 17, while 75 of the cases were noted in people aged 18 to 24. Eighty percent of all of these incidents were seen in males, and nearly 70 percent of the cases occurred following the second shot in the series.

According to the report, public health units there were instructed to raise their surveillance for this particular side effect after reports emerged from Israel and the United States of similar side effects. Public Health Ontario started requiring the same-day reporting of post-vaccination myocarditis and pericarditis in June. The symptoms may appear as early as a few minutes following vaccination up to around three months following the jab.



TFNT10: Myocarditis deception


Aussie nurse calls in to radio talkshow:

VIDEO aussie-nurse calls in to radio talk show


College Athlete Gets Severe Heart Inflammation After Receiving Covid Vaccine



Gee, What Could It Be? UK Newspaper Reports, “MYSTERY Rise in Heart Attacks from Blocked Arteries”


Biden’s Nominee For Top Bank Regulator Earned “Lenin” Award, Praised USSR’s “Equality”, And Wants To “End Banking As We Know It”

President Biden’s pick for Comptroller of the Currency is quite the anti-capitalist.

Cornell University law professor Saule Omarova, who proposed ‘ending banking as we know it,’ and that radical change to the system would make the institution ‘more inclusive, efficient and stable,’ has come under fire over her extreme views.

“Until I came to the US, I couldn’t imagine that things like gender pay gap still existed in today’s world. Say what you will about old USSR, there was no gender pay gap there. Market doesn’t always ‘know best,’” Omarova tweeted in 2019, adding (after receiving harsh criticism) “I never claimed women and men were treated absolutely equally in every facet of Soviet life. But people’s salaries were set (by the state) in a gender-blind manner. And all women got very generous maternity benefits. Both things are still a pipe dream in our society!”


Underdog Alexander Usyk defeats Anthony Joshua to become Heavyweight Champion

Scores of 113-115, 112-116 and 112-117 fail to reflect just how dominant the Ukrainian was as he became just the third fighter in boxing history to hold titles at both cruiserweight and heavyweight.


After the fight, he cited his devotion to Jesus Christ, waved the Ukrainian flag, and danced hopak.

With stunning win over Anthony Joshua, Oleksandr Usyk stakes claim as best pound-for-pound fighter

Clinton Lawyer Indicted for lying to FBI about 2016 Trump-Russia connection

A grand jury has indicted a high-profile cybersecurity lawyer in connection with special counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe, on charges that he lied to investigators during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The indictment, returned by a Washington, D.C., grand jury on Thursday, charges attorney Michael Sussmann, of Perkins Coie, a law firm tied to the Democratic party, with making a false statement during a meeting with officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shortly before the 2016 election.

Mr. Sussmann didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. He could make his first court appearance as soon as Friday.


Mendel Osherowitch and Holodomor eve

&Once upon a time there was a Yiddish language newspaper in New York called Forverts (in English, The Forward). Founded in 1897 by the Jewish Socialist Press Federation, the newspaper was devoted to Jewish trade unionism and democratic socialism.

Like the Ukrainian gazette Svoboda in its early years, Forverts also offered English lessons to its readers, as well as civic advice regarding life in America. Under the leadership of Abraham Cahan, editor from 1903 to 1951, Forverts attained a readership of some 200,000 by World War I.

Early in February and March of 1932, Mendel Osherowitch, a Jewish Ukrainian working at Forverts, was sent to Ukraine on assignment to learn about life in Soviet Ukraine. He was to go to theaters, marketplaces, cabarets, shops, Jewish houses of learning and to speak with Jews and non-Jews.

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