80+ Attackers involved in violent corporate raid against opposition politician’s business


It happened in the village of Chausove in the Mykolaiv Oblast. The owner of the raided agriculture business is an opposition politician.

It’s crazy that there seems to have been a definite “order of battle.”

It says guards and farm workers repelled the first attack. Then the attackers brought out pistols and shot guns and split into two groups — one continued pressing the front gate, and the other went around the side.

The owner wrote that he called the police, but they ignored the incident.

He wrote on his Facebook page that there were 80 attacked with pistols and shotguns. He accuses Mykolaiv region governor Mykola Kruglov and general attorney of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka of orchestrating the raid.

It says the arrived in buses.

No on was killed, but many were wounded, five seriously.

I hate injustice. It’s hard for me not to imagine the defenses I supervised in Afghanistan, and how easily we would have slaughtered these attackers.

Just one machine gun, hell, one rifle could have stopped this attack. The hooligans are usually poor guys who work out a lot. They’re not invested in their crime. So simple. One marksman on the roof of the factory, and everything would be fine.

Of course, I had different rules in Afghanistan. I’m only thinking tactically. That’s a very narrow view. Here, such a defense would likely prompt a repose from the Ukrainian military on behalf of the corporate raider.

Where the hell is that “Zbroya” organization? They should be promoting gun ownership as a solution to this problem instead of masturbating to pictures of uniformed soldiers.

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