A Belarusian friend’s perspective

On Propaganda:

there is a big problem that Ukraine news are full of trash and noise, unlike Russian propaganda which is done quite professionaly
There were many claims about strategical and tactical victories, but they turned out to be false the success cases are often exagerrated
and make impression of cheap propaganda

[yes, but at least we are free to criticize it.]

On the Belarussian Perspective:

generally supportive to Russia thanks to president thoroughly destroyed any national spirit and identification of Belarusians, for example my mother believe that Russia is gonna to free Ukraine ironically.

The president understands the threat from Russia, however, the West to him is greater evil, as it threaten the very foundations of his personal power

Generally Lukashenko pray for war to continue as long as possible, he wants to earn profit by reecsport European goods to Russia

If Russia will take Ukraine, then he will be next, if Russia will be defeated this could lead to the collaps of Russia, which would mean the collaps of Belarusian economy.

Pro-West Ukraine would be a headache to Lukashenko, of course to admit neutrality of Belarus, Ukraine will not speak with him like Poland (teach democracy, etc) but the chances will rise, whereas Ukraine ver. 2013 is an ideal neighbor for him.