A Thus-far-bloodless Russian invasion of Crimea is Underway

Bits of news are being reported everywhere. For specifics, you can look here: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23russiainvadesukraine&src=hash


There was also a large pro-Russian rally in Donetsk: http://inagist.com/all/439729182587633667/

report: 10 euro for being on a square before 2pm at a pro-Russia demo. After 2pm demo is over, people went home – colleagues reported


Loss of these regions would be a shame for the Ukrainians who live there, for the Crimean Tartars who despise Russia, and for the business interest who have enjoyed some autonomy.

However, on the whole, loss of these regions might be the best thing that ever happened to Ukraine. It would create less confusion and a more homogenous society, which is good for peace, trust and stability.

Here’s an interesting wrinkle: Russian oligarchs from Donetsk own tons of property in western Ukraine, including in the Carpathians, much of which was seized by land privatizations of dubious legitimacy. They stand to lose a lot. I hope they do.