A Walk in the Rain

Yesterday, a good steady rain fell all day.  I vetoed my wife, and allowed Danylo to go outside.  I went with him.  He had a jacket and hood on, and rubber boots – the kind perfect for stomping through puddles.  I took an umbrella and did a pretty poor job covering either of us.

The outdoors during a rain was a first for four-year-old Danylo, and for me – it was a great reminder how rich and exhilarating the outdoors can be.  As we meandered down toward the big river which is dammed up into a lake, we saw two gigantic worms, a man digging in his garden, some grazing cows and goats, and many streams of water carving through the dirt roads.  Not a single one was spared from the stomping of Danylo’s rubber boots.

Danylo choose to take a narrow path which cuts between houses, between ponds, and beside a little wood.  There was a duck in one of the ponds, and a frog jumped away as we approached.

At the woods, I asked Danylo to choose the path toward the lake, or the path into the woods.  He considered both, and concluded the woods were better because they had more puddles.  However just a few minutes into the woods, he changed his mind, and we went back the other way.

This area north of the river, among the ponds has many artificial little mounds and pits.  I’m pretty sure they are the shadows of old fighting positions from the early parts first Battle of Kiev, from July, 1941.  All of them face west.

There’s a muddy area, in which small streams form when it rains.  We crossed one stream via a bouncy plank – both of us exhilarated by the adventure.  In another spot, I walked across some branches while while Dalyno talked through the mud along side.  I asked him to go slowly.

The mud grabbed one of his boots and he fell face first into the mud.   I pulled him out right away, and put him on his feet so that I could retrieve the boot.  He tried to balance on one leg, and I told him it was okay to stand on his sock. 

This pretty much took all the spirit out of him.  But I think my laughter and quick action restored some of his resolve.  Both his boots were filled with mud.  I drained them.  He wanted to go onto my shoulders and I obliged.  I crossed the branches carefully, and a little later we were up on the damn by the lake, and I made a brisk walk home, in about 15 minutes. 

We talked about rain and adventure.  He was too uncomfortable to move, and was happy to have his parents undress him, and place him in a warm bath.  He talked about the adventure all evening, and the next day too.