Alexander Dugin — the schizophrenic death throes of a failed civilization

Reading a lot of Alexander Dugin.

His writings are the schizophrenic death throes of a failed civilization. He feels the encroachment of the truth telling / rule of law civilization. He’s alarmed by his people’s demonstrated preference for it.

So he is spouting completely schizophrenic nonsense trying to appeal to every perceived enemy of the West and unite them. He even admits it: “The most important factor should not be whether these groups are pro-Russian or not. What they oppose is of much greater importance here.”

But his resulting ideology is a complete mash of incoherent, contradictory nonsense. He supports everything
from communism to federalism to nationalism,
from Islam (“an organic part of the Russian whole”) to Christian traditionalism,
from nationalism to multiculturalism,
from local autonomy to a powerful centralized state,

all of it quietly funneled into Russia’s tired, centuries old paradigm of “greater Russians” being first among equals.

He will have some success appealing to the rank and file of dissenting political movement, but any serious thinker will recognize him for the desperate fraud he is.

The salvation of any people remains rule of law, property rights, truth telling, and the willingness to enforce it. Unfortunately, Russia needs to change on a very fundamental level before these things are perceived as pluses. Myths need to die and power structures with them. The Soviet Union needs to finish collapsing. People do not want what Muskovy is selling.

No, Dugin, NATO isn’t aggressively expanding. All the people on Russia’s periphery, having known the hell on Earth that Moscow creates, are inviting it, desperate to escape the miasma of Russian “civilization.”


Notes and quotes:

Dugin (quoted by Shenfield): “The meaning of Russia is that through the Russian people will be realized the last thought of God, the thought of the End of the World. . . . Death is the way to immortality. Love will begin when the world ends. We must long for it, like true Christians. . . . We are uprooting the accursed Tree of Knowledge. With it will perish the Universe.”

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Dugin: “Chechnya is at the center of contemporary Russian statehood” The hope here is to spread an image of Russia as a state that defends the “traditional societies”

the political space united long before bolshevism and representing Greater Russia as the political entity based on the civilizational similarity between the history and the cultures of different ethnical groups and peoples.

schizophrenia: By defending the multiplicity, plurality, and polycentrism of cultures, we are making an appeal to the principles of their essences, which we can only find in the spiritual traditions. But we try to link this attitude to the necessity for social justice and the freedom of differing societies in the hope for better political regimes. The idea is to join the spirit of Tradition with the desire for social justice. And we don’t want to oppose them, because that is the main strategy of hegemonic power: to divide Left and Right, to divide cultures, to divide ethnic groups, East and West, Muslims and Christians. We invite Right and Left to unite, and not to oppose traditionalism and spirituality, social justice, and social dynamism. So we are not on the Right or on the Left. We are against liberal postmodernity. Our idea is to join all the fronts and not let them divide us. When we stay divided, they can rule us safely. If we are united, their rule will immediately end. That is our global strategy.

I am Russian Orthodox. This is my tradition. Under different conditions, however, some individuals might choose a different spiritual path. What is important is to have roots. There is no universal answer. If someone neglects this spiritual basis, but is willing to take part in our struggle, during the struggle he may well find some deeper spiritual meaning. Our idea is that our enemy is deeper than the merely human. Evil is deeper than humanity, greed, or exploitation. Those who fight on behalf of evil are those who have no spiritual faith. Those who oppose it may encounter it.

[On nationalist groups]: The most important factor should not be whether these groups are pro-Russian or not. What they oppose is of much greater importance here. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It is simple and easy to understand. If we adopt such an attitude in order to appeal to all possible allies (who either approve of us or who do not), more and more people will follow suit – if only due to pragmatism. In doing so, we will create a real, functioning network – a kind of Global Revolutionary Alliance. It is important that we pursue a strategy of uniting the Left and the Right everywhere, including in the United States.

Muslims form a part of the Russian population, and are an important minority. Therefore, Islamophobia implicitly calls for the break-up of Russia. The difference between Europe and Russia in our attitude toward Islam is that, for us, Muslims are an organic part of the whole, while for Europe they are a post-colonial wave of re-invaders from a different geopolitical and cultural space. But since we have a common enemy in the globalist elite, which is pro-Pussy Riot/Femen, pro-gay marriage, anti-Putin, anti-Iran, anti-Chávez, anti-social justice and so on, we all need to develop a common strategy with the Muslims.

I suggest the return to the ethnic organization: French Quebec should be French and so on. However, this should not be achieved in the process of creating a new national state, but cultural rights should be granted in the geopolitical context by the Imperial Constitution.

AD: China is also a unique civilization, but its pretensions to world domination and the assertion of Chinese values as universal are nowhere near as intrusive, as large-scale, as persistent as the pretensions of Western civilization. Russia in this case does not at all claim that it is an exceptional civilization among others. It says that it is simply a civilization, distinct, having its own system of values, its own philosophy, and that it should be compared not with France or Germany, which also differ from one another, but with all Europe, or with Asian culture.
VP: But there is no such civilization as “all Europe”.
AD: There is. European civilization; Western-European civilization. This European civilization is a completely precise, concrete collection of values, notions, ideas, methods, procedures, which have been imposed over the course of many centuries […] as universal. And this was at first imposed on Eastern Europe, Byzantine; then through colonialism on everyone else.