An interesting take on the role of nationalism in these protests

The confusion stems from the fact that rightly or wrongly Vladimir Putin is seen by many to be the most nationalistic of current White leaders and one has become used to feeling a degree of sympathy with his aims and actions, often opposed as he is to the machinations of the globalist New World Order (NWO) elite that dominate most Western governments.

It seems strange therefore that White nationalists in Ukraine should be found actively fomenting an uprising against the government of Viktor Yanukovych, until just recently, the pro-Russian president of Ukraine. It also seems incongruous that Ukrainian nationalists should have joined an alliance of opposition parties, the ‘All Ukrainian Union’ (AUU), which is campaigning for Ukrainian membership of the anti-national European Union (EU), especially when that alliance is funded primarily by Western government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and NWO oligarchs, most of whom are Jewish.

[by the way, there were both Jewish fighters and doctors at Maidan. These protests are in no way anti-Jewish. See my video from Lychakivski Cemetary to understand why protesters sometimes choose their symbols poorly.]

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With all of the suffering that the Ukrainian people have endured, it is easy to see why, on an emotional level they would conflate ‘Russia’ with the ‘Soviet Union’, just as we tend to in the West, and fail to appreciate that the Russian people were just as much the victims of the Communists as the Ukrainian people were.

Thus emotional ‘scar tissue’ predicates the thinking of many Ukrainian nationalists, in which their understandable hatred of the Communism endured while trapped within the Soviet Union is translated into a visceral opposition to Russian influence today.

Therefore, Ukrainian nationalism is overwhelmingly, narrowly ‘national’ rather than racial in its outlook and strong opposition to the subjugation of Ukraine within the EU is matched by strong opposition to the subjugation of Ukraine to Russian domination.

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In preparation for the presidential elections in 2015 and under the influence of the foreign funded anti-national NGOs operating in Ukraine, the three largest opposition groups formed a united front against Yanukovych, the ‘All-Ukrainian Union’ (AUU). This united the liberal, pro-EU main opposition Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) Party of Yulia Tymoshenko and Vitali Klitschko’s conservative, pro-EU, Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform Party (UDAR), with the main Ukrainian nationalist political party, Svoboda.

Ukraine 4As already stated, the inclusion of Svoboda, created a strange alliance in that Svoboda were both anti-Russian for the reasons explained earlier in this article, but also anti-EU, quite rightly viewing the EU as an anti-national entity. The inclusion of Svoboda in the ‘All Ukrainian Union’ also brought the anti-government faction the fanatical support of the ‘Pravy Sektor’ an assemblage of other hard-line nationalist groups under the leadership of lifelong nationalist campaigner, Dmitro Yarosh.

There is an anti-EU sentiment among the protesters. And ENORMOUS skepticism of the NWO candidates. I went to the funeral of what I think was a “4th cousin” who died on maidan. (I didn’t know him, but I’m close to his aunt.)

One of speeches given by his friends was entirely dedicated toward berating opposition candidates.

I’m now sure what the relationship is between Svoboda and Pravi Sektor. Pravi Sektor’s stock is very high right now, obviously. Svoboda never really had much standing with the protesters. I don’t know what their relationship is with Pravi Sektor.