Bellingcat at the Syrian Gas Attacks

Bellingcat did incredibly detailed analysis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I hate to see him (them?) discredit himself with Syrian Gas Attack hoax. It’s getting clearer that the Syrian gas attacks were a false flag trying to get the US into another Middle East war.

Bellingcat’s article (2017):

Based on the diagram on of an M4000 chemical bomb, as published by representatives of the Russian Federation, as well as the many similarities it has with bomb in the April 2013 video, it is clear that bomb featured in the April 2013 video is an M4000 chemical bomb.

The debris recovered from the Al-Lataminah March 30, 2017 Sarin attack matches perfectly to the features of the bomb in the April 2013 video, and the diagram published by the Russian Federation of an M4000 chemical bomb. Therefore, it is certain the M4000 chemical bomb was used in the March 30, 2017 attack in Al-Lataminah.

The filler cap documented in the crater at Khan Sheikhoun is consistent with a M4000 chemical bomb, and the damage seen on the large piece of metal is consistent with damage seen on unexploded examples of M4000 chemical bombs shown above. Therefore, it is possible to state it is likely the bomb used in Khan Sheikhoun was an M4000 chemical bomb, although there remains the possibility that it could be the remains of another type of Syrian chemical bomb.

Tim Pool’s criticism:

A Newsweek reporter recently resigned over suppression of revelations about the gas attack hoax. Reporter is slandered as “conspiracy theorist”.