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Ukrainian Team wins 23rd European Team Chess Championship 2021

Ukrainians convincingly won Armenia in the direct encounter for the top, with the 3-1 result, to have the final score of 14 match points. Korobov Anton was the first one to bring a decisive point for Ukraine, defeating Sargissian Gabriel on the first board. Volokitin Andrei beat Martirosyan Haik while Schevchenko Kirill and Hovhannisyan Robert, and Onyshchuk Volodymyr and Ter-Sahakyan Samvel agreed for a draw.

Firouzja Alireza brought the victory to the French team, as he overcame Mamedyarov Shakhriyar in a pawn-up rooks endgame after the boards 2, 3 and 4 ended their games in a peaceful manner. With this victory, Firouzja Alireza became the youngest chess player to cross 2800 rating aged 18 years and 5 months. Magnus Carlsen cross 2800 rating when aged 18 years and 11 months!

Final Standins

Underdog Alexander Usyk defeats Anthony Joshua to become Heavyweight Champion

Scores of 113-115, 112-116 and 112-117 fail to reflect just how dominant the Ukrainian was as he became just the third fighter in boxing history to hold titles at both cruiserweight and heavyweight.

After the fight, he cited his devotion to Jesus Christ, waved the Ukrainian flag, and danced hopak.

With stunning win over Anthony Joshua, Oleksandr Usyk stakes claim as best pound-for-pound fighter

Friday Night in Lviv

God, I love this city. I had a rare excuse to go out on the town, as a colleague was visiting from the US. Granted, part of the thrill for me was vigorous conversation in my native and beloved English language. But the rest of it was the magic of Lviv.

As an old acquainstance one said: “L’viv is what Paris used to be in a by-gone age, and pretends to still be.”

The streets were packed with students, young couples, families, elderly, tourists – many of them seemingly Arab, as I think Ukraine is one of the countries with the most relaxed Covid-related restrictions.

All the bars and restaurants were packed. We had to skip a few because there was no seating. There wasn’t a mask in sight. And no police either, because Lviv remains an extraordinarily safe city.

Every other street seemed to have some musician or performer. All faces were relaxed and happy. All eyes were shining and looking around, enjoying the spectacles.

We peered in to a relatively new restaurant in the city square which I’d known of, but never visited. European Medieval theme. A bit kitschy. They had a sword in a stone from the Arthurian Legend, and a throne where you can turn a noisy crank and lower a crown onto whoever sits there. They had a pickle spearing game, and apparently all their recipes are from hundreds of years ago.

But the place was full, so we went to a newly-opened Langoustine restaurant and sat outside to people watch.

Then we went to Four Friends Whiskey for a shot, and then back to the central square to the classical Galician style Atlas restaurant.

Tropical Greenhouse near Lviv

There are two small tropical greenhouses near Lviv. They offer tours. The couple that runs them are a whirlwind of excitement and botanical experimentation. They’re a real inspiration. They sell seedlings, and we bought a tiny lemon tree for our home.

They’re growing:

Banana trees
Kiwi trees (vines?)
Coffee trees
and much more

They have some special bred variety of bananna tree growing OUTSIDE their greenhouse, which has already survived -25 C temperatures.

Krystos Voskres

Tomorrow is Orthodox (and Greek Catholic) Easter. Everywhere in Lviv there are families, old people, and young couples walking around with Easter baskets.

It seems most of Lviv’s many churches are working around the clock, blessing everybody’s Easter baskets.