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Black Humor

I think many of us following closely have seen enough pictures of mangled remains that we’ve become a bit desensitized.

I saw one post of particularly gruesome remains with a lady’s comment:

“I’ve seen so many of these, that I’m starting to think they’re already in this condition when they arrive.”

“Важко Партії без Леніна”

I was playing chess in a small town while staying with my in-laws.

There’s this older guy there who runs the whole thing, and always welcomes me extravagantly, telling the whole room that the chess champion from New York has come. He always talks to me about Putin, and the lying media. He seems to think highly of Trump, not least because of what he perceives as propaganda against him.

Anyway, I heard a hilarious expression from him.

When he was in a difficult position on the board, he added to his comments of despair and frustration:

“Важко Партії без Леніна”

“It’s difficult for the Party without Lenin.”

Peter and Paul Church in Lviv

(click for larger image>

They only recently finished a round of renovations and removed all the scaffolding from the interior.

They also have a few English-language masses every week, though the one I visited seemed to have only parts of it in English.

It’s a Greek-Catholic church, and they had these open confessionals along the sides.

They also had a display honor fallen Ukrainian soldiers.


They take donations: