Communism is not love. Communism is the hammer which we use to crush the enemy.

‘Communism is not love. Communism is the hammer which we use to crush the enemy.’ – Mao Zedong

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  1. Beauregard

    Marxist meme on the time-honored pattern.

    Excerpts from:

    “Uninterested in hard materialism, today’s
    atheists believe in an emotional narrative
    invented and reinvented at the whim of
    politically motivated human beings. Today’s
    atheism is not a philosophical position, but
    a political one. Superficially, the anti-Christian
    movement espouses the view that Christianity
    is uniquely evil in its intolerance – their word
    for the fact that we have standards. Christianity,
    like Western civilization, is squeezed into the
    usual Marxist mold as just another instrument
    of oppression.”

    “Without batting an eye, many of today’s
    atheists manage to believe that Islam, an
    objectively more intolerant, more misogynistic,
    and far more bloodthirsty system of beliefs
    than Christianity – is somehow forgivable,
    or even a net social boon. In truth, the new
    atheism isn’t about helping the “oppressed” –
    any more than it is about the non-belief in God.”

    “The anti-Christian movement of today,
    like all other Marxist or neo-Marxist splinter
    groups” … “is about being a vocal part of
    the identity group of avid Christian-haters.
    A political entity. It is about inventing yet
    another substitute sense of identity and purpose
    to replace the Christian sense of identity and
    purpose that it struggles to destroy.”

    Paraphrase: ‘In the weird and wondrous world
    of continuous social upheaval driven by
    Marxist critical theory is that anti-Christian
    militancy of cultural Marxist rhetoric becomes
    more strident. God forgives – but Marxism has
    no room for either gratitude or forgiveness. In
    Marxism only the collective matters. The
    individual is a mere means.

    1. Yash

      No relation of the topic and the the explanation given above. It’s the disgusting answer ever I had read. I request google to remove these bullshit answer from the website.

  2. Beauregard


    Telegram got its start, and its initial funding, under the
    premise of providing a messaging tool that was shielded
    from the inquisitive glare of Russian spy agencies. Its
    effectiveness in pursuing that original goal has been
    demonstrated this month with the ruling by a Russian
    court that Telegram should be banned in the country,
    owing to the app’s makers refusing to hand over
    encryption keys to the Russian government.

    Telegram has earned unwanted notoriety for being
    a favored dissemination method for terrorist
    propaganda and a tool for organizing terrorist acts,
    but that’s the fate that awaits any privacy-focused,
    end-to-end encrypted messaging service. Russia’s
    ban seems to be a transparent effort to gain control
    and oversight of the messaging habits of ordinary


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