Comparing Russia to Mexico

Russia vs Mexico


Russia: 145 million
Mexico: 122 million
Edge Russia with +23 million

Population growth rates

Russia: .1%
Mexico 1.3%
Mexico will equal Russia in the next 2 decades or so.


Russia: $1.2 trillion
Mexico: $1.1 trillion
Both represent around 1.5% of the global economy.

GDP per capita

Russia: $9200
Mexico: $9400
Edge to Mexico. With similar GDP, but 23 million less people, Mexicans on an individual basis are slightly wealthier than Russians.

GDP growth 2015

Russia – 3.7%
Mexico +2.5%
Advantage Mexico

Corruption (using Transparency International rankings, lower number is less corrupt)

Russia 120
Mexico 94
Advantage Mexico

Global trade – export volume

Russia 15th
Mexico 13th
Advantage: Mexico

Life expectancy

Russia: 70 years
Mexico: 77 years

HDI (human development index, measures an assortment of living standards, scale of 0 to 1, larger is better.)

Russia .798
Mexico .756
Both are in same “group,” advantage to Russia

Democracy Index ranking (via Economist intelligence unit)

Russia 132
Mexico 66
Advantage Mexico

Alliances, FTAs

Russia: 3 FTAs/PTAs, G8+5 (currently suspended, WTO, multiple foreign conflicts, no major military alliances
Mexico: 17 FTA/PTAs, G8+5, no foreign conflicts, no major military alliances