Conspiracy Video

Somebody needs to translate this video into English.

Here’s what I get:

The maker of this video says there were many armed groups on maidan. He plays examples of Berkut restraint. (I’ve noted Berkut discipline before here, here.)

He speculates about where shots could have been fired from and shows examples of armed protesters.

His examples are much more convincing compared to what I’ve seen before. Compressed air-powered guns, and rubber-bullet only guns are the only type of guns Ukrainians were able to legally purchase for the last twenty years. In other criticisms of the protests, it seemed to me like these less-than-lethal guns were the only ones depicted, but in this video, we see the real deal. However, the fact that all the weapons are different, and that this was late in the conflict does not suggest outside logistical support.

Perhaps most disturbing is from about 8:00 to 10:00. You hear heavily accented English (though it may have been the reporter). We see a professionally trained soldier — way the rifleman stands back from the window, narrowing his sector of fire in exchange for better cover and concealment; the way the guy by the window is careful not to expose himself.