Cultural Reflections of Ukraine’s WWII History

Both world wars had the character and catastrophic consequences of a civil war on the territory of Ukraine. May all the fallen from all sides rest in peace.

I was recently interviewed at “Press Club” about Ukraine’s protests, back when they could still be called protests.

Before me spoke an author from Lviv. He’s second overall in the video below. He asked what happened to the culture of the many Ukrainians who served in the Red Army? Where are the songs and poems about their struggles and tribulations?

I haven’t researched the matter myself, but I’ll take him at his word that there aren’t any. By contrast, he pointed out, though only about 100,000 Ukrainians served in the partisans, their struggle is immortalized in popular Ukrainian culture.

No least by the album “Nashi Partyzany” (Our Partisans):