Curt & Adriy’s plan for the near future

We are going to publish an article a week in Ukrainian, on how to achieve liberty and prosperity for Ukraine by creative competition as a means of reforming the bureaucracy.

I will try to stay on message of course. Some of the messages:

The value to Ukraine of long term war over the eastern regions.

Why the oligarchical clans are not a material long term problem, but a potentially beneficial aristocracy to compete against the state.

How Europe can fund Ukraine indirectly without expanding corruption – covering pensions.

How to solve the problem of title to property.

How to construct courts of lustration, legal reform, and commercial credit and contract, and providing young sheriffs for them – not police.

How to slowly increase consumer credit, and worldwide investment in Ukraine.

How to create a higher trust society and the economic rewards of doing so.

How not to repeat Europe’s suicidal social errors and to preserve the sanctity of the traditional family.

The potential for an Eastern European border alliance preserving the traditional family.

The end of the postwar consensus on borders and the necessity of nationalism and nuclear weapons.

Why are Ukrainians poor? The commons: Truth, trust, contract, credit, responsibility, law, and corruption.

You are poor if and only if you do not police one another’s responsibility for physical, institutional and normative commons. It is your responsibility and your cost to bear, not someone else’s.