Curt Doolittle: The Call of the Long War (with the help of Andrii Drozda)

Auto translated back into English (the original was never written down):

This winter Ukrainian finally realized that the war in the Donbas not be short. Diplomatic agreements are not met, the fighting continues at the front, and the country announced a new wave of mobilization of the armed forces.

The desire to end the war and the man in the street as soon as possible to return to a peaceful everyday life is easy to understand as well as the reluctance of many to go to the Ukrainian army. Ukrainians generally prone to emotional perception, so there is no shortage of excuses – of confidence in the government until the war obscure tasks in Donbass.

However, this justification does not help bring victory and remain essentially an attempt to solve the problem for others. Wealthy societies with high levels of trust differ from the Ukrainian case is that there citizens take responsibility and do not allow others to avoid it. In this situation, especially a shortage of scientists from the field of social policies that have eliminated unnecessary emotions in society and explained the pragmatic interests of Ukrainian war.

In particular, we do not notice that the war with Russia is the ability to alter in Ukraine, because Ukrainian soldiers of volunteer battalions after the war should be the basis for a new Ukrainian police and the justice system. The lack of a fair trial is a major problem in Ukraine, after the resolution of which can be taken to further changes, such as reform of the bureaucracy.

One of the illusions that have not yet got rid of Ukrainian, is the belief that the bureaucracy incapable of reforming itself. Many Ukrainian who have lost confidence in his native official, is the last hope of EU bureaucrat who allegedly able to control the Ukrainian reforms. However, in the last year helplessness EU issues increases among Ukraine Ukrainian doubt and skepticism about the ability of a united Europe.

In fact, officials have never reformed themselves – to see this just look at the examples written in the bureaucracy of Ludwig von Mises or Francis Fukuyama. Bureaucracy can be reformed only if fair courts and the penal system. For this reason the Ukrainian justice system are essential people who risked their homeland to protect their own lives. The more soldiers yesterday after the war will be in the Ukrainian police, the effect will be tangible.

So today Ukrainian men involved in volunteer battalions is an important prerequisite for a society of high trust. It is important to break the vicious circle of mistrust between government and citizens, paralyzing any attempt at development. Changing the system of law enforcement agencies and the courts, Ukraine has become a European prerequisites Canada, which is close to both population and mentality.

The long war with Russia will not prevent the implementation of these changes and eventually will end in victory for Ukraine. It should also be noted that the military campaign in the Donbas not the cause of the current economic problems in Ukraine, while the enemy is different: lost because of the war more than a hundred billion dollars, and the maximum margin Putin regime according to various estimates is about two years.

As a result of the war in the Donbas Russian economy and mythology suffer considerable losses, so can permanently destroy the Ukrainian imperial project without losing the chance to change the country. That volunteers from the front should be new sheriff patrol and who will monitor compliance with the law. No one seeks decent and just life in their country as much as a man who risked their lives for this country. So the heroes of war with Ukrainian help bring the force of law and justice, and as a result – to reform the bureaucracy and ensure a wave of investment in the country.