Curt on Extended Family Culture


You may want the consumption of a living in a country with an absolute nuclear family, but I’ll guarantee that once you tire of the consumption – which you will, because we all do – you will wish you lived in a country with an extended family, whose attention you can never stop consuming and whose insurance against the vicissitudes of life are irreplaceable by the state.

I love Ukraine. The people. Despite the run-down, falling-apart, unmaintained, decaying, soviet architectural despair, I love every soul I know here. Even if, they would rather consume and experience, than appreciate the perfection of what they have, I love them anyway. Because if they don’t appreciate themselves, that may in part, be why the rest of us do.

What decays in the west is not so visible: the family, the culture, the community, and the human soul, leaving an alienated husk waiting to die alone.

The anglo-consumer west is a recipe for loneliness.

Marx was so wrong it’s worse than tragic – it’s criminal. Alienation comes not from disassociation from MATERIAL things, but from family, tribe, country and nation.