Curt on Parenting — US vs Ukraine


Strange watching people in other countries raise children. I was definitely raised in the puritan protestant tradition to be an independent person as soon as possible.

But you watch children in the states today and there is obviously something very wrong with them. Almost all of them. And then you come to a place with a traditional family like Ukraine, and watch the kids and … there isnt’ anything wrong with them. So what’s the difference?

They aren’t constantly trying to get attention from parents who don’t want to give it to them.

Now, it’s not high investment parenting. In fact, it’s kind of strange how LITTLE effort parents put into competitive child rearing. Instead, they just pay attention to them. A lot of attention. At home. WIth family.

That must be what it is that Iove about this country. I think that’s it. Americans are all desperately seeking attention on their terms. Here, nobody is. They’re seeking experiences, and wealth, and opportunity. But they’re not desperate for attention. They aren’t ‘crazy’ like so many americans. They aren’t desperately trying to find meaning in political movements, in environmental movements, in different kinds of spiritualism as a means of filling that hole in their souls.

Is it that simple?