Curt on Russia and the West (wow)

NATIONALISM, TRADITIONALISM are one thing. RULE OF LAW is another, and TRUTH TELLING is yet another. Putin wants to expand Nationalism and Traditionalism using propaganda because they produce power, but he does not want Rule of law, or Truth Telling, because they constraint, limit, and in most cases, eliminate power.

Power is necessary in Russia, because like China – who must keep oppressing it’s conquered territories – Russia is a military empire. That’s because Russians have no ‘Cutlure’. There is nothing at all ethnically or culturally “Rus” in Russia. Russia is not of the clan Rus (Scandinavian) but of Muscovites, who spend long periods under despotic Mongolian rule, looked to the south to the byzantines and arabs for inspiration, and whose invading peoples brought with them Asiatic concepts of the evil in man – not greek concepts of man’s perfection and potential to sit among the gods. Russia (Muscovia) is a Mongolian and Tatar State steeped in Steppe culture that blends orthodox christianity and islamic Familialism, with Chinese deception.

With some work Peter the Great tried to move the Russian empire into Europa, and without Germany’s aggression at England’s seduction, might have completed the transition. But the largely Jewish postwar uprising that we call the Russian revolution, returned Russia to despotism, with Asiatic Lenin and Stalin joining Asian Mao as the greatest murderers in human history.

Thanks to the church, the Russian concept of interpersonal ethical action, is identical to the western. But the Russian concept of moral, cannot even IMAGINE the western man’s moral intuitions, nor his faith in one’s fellow man. It is unimaginable to a Russian that Western man acts primarily out of moral habit – moral tradition, and altruistic punishment[1] of those who do not observe it. Primarily because we have been both wealthy enough to afford to act morally, and because we were successfully able to use law and the church to enforce morality by punishment by law, by ostracization by the church, and by starvation by deprivation of access to land necessary for sustenance and survival.

The Russian does not pay for commons. He does not pay to punish. He does not pay to reward. He does nothing that is not in his direct interest. And he expects all others to do the same. He cannot imagine a world where we take as little as possible to one another and contribute as much to the commons as we can – unknowingly.

This is why authoritarian governments are necessary: commons are not voluntarily constructed, because all fear that any such contributions will be privatized by individuals, or corruption by the state. It is challenging enough to create a civic order such that we produce ethical man. But it is extremely expensive to create moral man – the man who neither externalizes costs into the commons, nor avoids paying for the commons, and instead, constantly contributes to the commons.

Western man is moral man taken to the logical extreme. This is why motivating the western man to neoconservative war is easy – by invoking and appealing to our instinct of altruistic punishment . Motivating the Russian to war, requires creating the feeling that he is under threat. He does not fight for moral reasons. he fights to steal, or to prevent stealing, but he does not fight for the common good.

This is the opposite of western man. Western man produces commons. It is our competitive advantage: truth telling, monuments, parks, civic architecture, civic organizations, arts, chivalry, the jury, and consensual government are commons unique to western man.

Yes, we are full of own folly – we still feel, as true Burkeian evangelism, that we must save the world from ignorance, mysticism, poverty, familialism, hierarchy and tyranny. And we cannot grasp, that like our light skin, hair, and eyes, our moral intuitions are recessive, and preserved only through biological and cultural selection and inbreeding.

Current emerging evidence suggests it is in no small part genetic. And that it emerged somewhere in the north of the North Sea – Baltic Region. That it emerged less than 20k years ago. And that it is a recessive trait, like intelligence, only sustained, and protected from regression against them mean by inbreeding.

Russians cannot imagine that western man operates by altruistic punishment – of paying high personal cost to build what he sees as the voluntary civic order. Even if we are unaware that our genetics and culture are a unique, fragile and vulnerable outlier possible only in and around the north sea, and that not only can the reset of the world NOT make use of our model, but that it is antithetical to them to conceive of a world in which we all contribute to the commons, rather than seek to contribute as little as possible and take as much as we can.

Russia(Muscovia)[2] and the West can both have Nationalism (advancing the interests of the extended family and tribe), and we can both have Traditionalism (the family as the central unit of society), but unless we wish to descend into Russo-Jewish brutality and Asiatic deception, we must retain what separates us from the west: truth telling, rule of law, the jury, and the civic society.

We already have had enough of Russo-jewish influence for one century in this world, and the Russian-sponsored Frankfurt school’s damage to our society through pseudoscientific propaganda remains with us like an intellectual cancer, destroying our people and our culture.

Love your people first. Defend the west from what the Russo-Jewish empire have done to us already with Marxism, Communism, socialist, postmodernism, progressivism. Russia is not a model.

Instead, raise arms, steel yourself for heady violence, and get into the streets, and start a revolution – for you and yours. Defend the west from the tyranny of the east. WE have done it for almost 5000 years, and now is not the time to surrender.

The best revolution is the one with the greatest volume of heady murder. A lot of killing is needed. A lot of killing must be done. And if we kill enough of them, then we will restore the west.

Deeds not words.

Cry havoc.

Curt Doolittle
Kiev, Ukraine.

[1] “Altruistic punishment means that individuals punish, although the punishment is costly for them and yields no material gain. ”

[2] The only “Rus” are in Ukraine. Kiev was the founding city of the Rus (Scandinavian) peoples who created it as a trading post – largely for slave trading – with byzantium. The Mongols destroyed it and teh Muscovites tried to gain their narrative history by adopting the Rus history of Kiev as their own. This is Russia’s problem. They have no history to be proud of. No culture to be proud of. No civic mythos, and no common people to rally. They are a set of conquered peoples, despotic peoples ruled by despots in Moscow. The head of the Muscovite empire, won by brutality, held by brutality, and now expanding through postmodern lies and brutality.