Curt – Why I am rabidly Pro-Ukrainian

Because I am an Aristocratic Libertarian.

(a) all people who desire them have the right to property if they will grant the same right to others.
(b) all peoples have the right to self determination so that they may have the right to property and organize property and family according to their needs.
(c) all people have the right to higher levels of freedom, with more atomic property rights if they so desire it.
(d) The aristocratic EGALITARIAN contract requires that in order to secure my liberty I must fight to extend that liberty to all who desire it, and will do the same for me. That is the meaning of ‘egalitarian’ in ‘Aristocratic (meritocratic) Egalitarianism (open entry to all who desire it).”

(e) No government may interfere with the INDIVIDUAL fulfillment of the aristocratic egalitarian contract.
(f) As such Aristocratic Egalitarianism’s mutual insurance of individual and political property rights constitutes a standard of moral action that supersedes all other agreements and obligations.
(g) Therefore Aristocratic Egalitarianism must be treated with the same argumentative, political and moral status, or higher status, than that of religion.

(h) Russians have created more brutality, murder and genocide than any race other than the Chinese, and much of it against their own people – which is even worse.
(i) Reformation of Russia and its incorporation (as Gorbachev aspired) into the european people’s is beneficial for all white peoples. Even if it is a very high cost.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.