“DNR” Minister assassinated

One of the Donbass top terrorists was blown up in his car in the center of Donetsk on September 23. On September 23, the Russian Interfax reported on two explosions in the center of occupied Donetsk. The scene of the incident was cordoned off by terrorists of the “DNR” group.

Referring on its own sources in the DNR terrorist organisation, the Russian news agency reported taht the victim of the explosion was the so-called “minister of incomes and charges” Alexander Timofeyev, currently he is in critical condition. The information has been confirmed by the terrorists’ news resources.

In addition, one of the terrorists’ leaders Pavel Gubarev also reported that Timofeev was taken to a hospital in serious condition. He added that a targeted explosion of the MON-90-guided missile defenses was carried out.

Worth noting that, in early September, social networks and some media spread information about possible personnel changes among the “leadership” of the Russia-backed terrorists, and “the Russian authorities have been considering the option of replacing the heads of the DNR and LNR groups.” Alexander Timofeyev was among those called possible candidates for Zakharchenko’s post in the puppet “republic.”