Doctors w/o Borders Office in #Donetsk Smashed, Looted — consisten with DPR how-to guide

Doctors w/o Borders office in #Donetsk smashed, looted consistent with DPR terrorist manual:

Pavel Gubarev, the self-styled “governor” of Donetsk and the leader of the Novorossiya (New Russia) movement, recently posted the manual, entitled “Methodological Guide for Struggle Against the Junta,” on his personal website. (The “junta” is the separatists’ name for the Ukrainian government in Kiev.) There is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the document. . . .

The next step is to find money, transport, reliable communications, and weapons. Robbing banks is dangerous, says Gubarev, so smashing ATM machines is the way to go. Access to a large number of used cars and throwaway cell phones is also advisable.

As for weapons, “the best way is to acquire them from criminal acquaintances.