Donald Trump Took Money From Ukrainian Oligarch Victor Pinchuk

(This article is mistitled. We never know the answer to “Why”, though I would guess it’s a standard gift between influential people. I’d prefer it didn’t happen, of course.)

Ukrainian steel magnate Victor Pinchuk’s foundation was the single largest outside donor to Donald Trump’s private charity in 2015, according to new IRS filings filed by the organization. The $150,000 gift amounted to 20 percent of the foundation’s total donations during that time, the documents showed. The filings also affirmed Trump violated tax laws by using his private foundation to self-deal, or enrich himself and his businesses instead of fulfilling a charitable mission.

Pinchuk’s gift was given in conjunction with a short video Trump made for the Yalta European Strategy annual meeting, held in Kiev in September of 2015, according to The Washington Post.

In the video, Trump also seemed to suggest that Ukraine fell subject to aggression from Russia because President Barack Obama was not a strong enough leader. “Putin does not respect our president whatsoever,” Trump said at one point. “The fact is that Ukraine is an amazing place. You know, I’ve known so many people, so many years in the Ukraine. These are people that want what’s good. They want what’s right. And they’re not being treated right by the United States. And also by the way, and I hate to say this, they’re not being treated right by Europe itself.”

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And it’s not entirely clear that Trump is willing to address these concerns, as he told The New York Times in a meeting on Tuesday that “the president can’t have a conflict of interest.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment for this story, even though much of the video was little more than Trump riffing on some of his favorite mantras of the Republican primary. He promised that the U.S. “military under my presidency would be very greatly enhanced. Hopefully to a point where we wouldn’t have to use it.

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“I know many people that live in the Ukraine. They’re friends of mine. They’re fantastic people. Victor is an example. Victor by the way is a very very special man a special entrepreneur,” Trump said. “And when he was up seeing me I said, ‘I think I could learn more from you than you could from me.’”

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Took Money From Ukrainian Oligarch Victor Pinchuk

    1. Beauregard

      We understand that Trump is not perfect nor an angel. However,
      I suspect that he can afford good lawyers that will keep him out
      of trouble.

      Let us understand that these negative comments are specious attacks.

      Look at dollar amounts claimed to cause this grief. They are really trivial.
      And you need to show me certified bank statements, not just allegation
      by some Ukrainian oligarch.

      Consider that amount in question would be appropriate for speaking

      Maybe these allegations are from Putin and company? Not liking his
      choices for Defense?

    1. Beauregard

      Many Americans adopted Russian children during the time of the open window on Russian adoptions.

      I think you will find Laura to be quite an American advocate.

      And I think that you will find Donald to be an American patriot advocate.

      And, just grasp the achievement levels of his cabinet and circle of advisors.

      My impression his Donald knows how old he is and wants to leave tracks that he respects…

      Achievement, Achievement, always Achievement

    2. RomanInUkraine Post author

      Walt, you’d have to explain the context of this for me to get it. I’m not familiar with the issue. To me it seems like possibly tangential evidence condemning a Trump acquaintance.

      We know Trump isn’t perfect, and there are some troubling relationships, but it seems fare more distant and indirect than the MSM is suggesting. Perhaps the full context of this tweet shows otherwise, but I doubt it.

      1. walt

        /LouiseMensch/status/807991141333434368 seems to have contacts in British security and is relatively retweeted by credible people. She and Schindler have implied that there is incriminating evidence, (on our side and on the Russian side), on Carter and Trump, as in many powerful people, and the evidence sits until needed.

        Also, check out this entire twitter feed on Richard Spencer and his Moscow connections.

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        1. RomanInUkraine Post author

          I actually met Richard Spencer and his wife way back in 2006. I’m aware of the ridiculous anti-Ukrainian comments which both of them have made and and fought against that propaganda in some common circles of libertarians and nationalists.

  1. Beauregard


    the term ‘Alt Right’ is just a media tool used by some to get media attention. We have and the world has had crazy’s in the past. New types of media have given such jerks access to be heard or read. that does not mean significant other public persons respect such opinions. and the media uses such jerks as tools to make a story and fake news.

    —- // —-


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